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Rainbow Warrior Bombing

No description

Ry Bu

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Rainbow Warrior Bombing

Rainbow Warrior Bombing
By Ryan, William, Ethan and Jonothan

Who was involved?
11 French agents entered New Zealand because of the Rainbow Warrior operation, the French admitted this but denied that they had too place in the bombing.

Only one person died. His name was Fernando Pereira, he was a photographer among the crew of the rainbow warrior. when the boat sunk. he drowned along with it.

Why was the rainbow warrior targeted
The reason the rainbow warrior was sunk is because the french realized that the rainbow warrior was the one leading the fleet of protestors and they thought if they would target that one ship and sink it, it would send a strong message to the protestors that they didn't want anymore protesting against them.

What was the Rainbow Warrior?
The rainbow warrior
When and where did the bombing occur?
The bombing occured late at night, just before midnight. the date was the 10th of july in 1985.
The sinking of the ship happened in Waitemata Harbour, in Auckland.
What Happend
The Rainbow Warrior was used to lead a fleet of ships to Waitemata Harbour where french ships were docked with nuclear weapons. the french strapped bombs to the hull of the ship and almost sank immediately when they blew.
The Rainbow Warrior Was A Greenpeace Flagship Used For Protesting Against Whaling And Nuclear Weapons.
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