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The New England Patriots

The Team,History,and more


on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of The New England Patriots

History, The Team, and Rivals The New England
Patriots The Team
Professional football was introduced in New England on Nov. 16, 1959.

In 1960 the patriots were owned by a man named Billy Sullivan Jr.
In the 1960's the patriots did not have there own football field so they played and the former Boston braves baseball field.
In 1963 the patriots began to play in Fenway Park
1969-After six seasons at tiny Fenway Park, the Patriots change their address again this time playing their home games at Boston College's Alumni Stadium
In 1963 the patriots lost there first 7 games with there new coach Clive Rush
In 1970 the patriots began playing at Harvard Stadium in Cambridge.
In 1970 the patriots were the worst team in the NFL with a record of 2-14 or two wins fourteen loses.
In 1971 the Patriots finally found a permanent stadium named Foxbourough. When they started playing here they changed their name from the Boston patriots to the New England Patriots. History 1960-1971 Throughout the next couple of years the patriots began to get new players and a new coach named Chuck Fairbanks.
Around 1976 the patriots began to play better and started getting better records like 11-3.
Throughout the next few years the patriots got more players and played better.
In 1983 the patriots stadium was renamed Sullivan Stadium
One year the patriots made it into super bowl XX however they lost to the bears 10-46
As the patriots continued they lost their second super-bowl (XXXI) against the green bay packers.
IN 2000 the patriots hired Bill Belichick as their new coach. History 1971-2000 In 2001 the patriots former quarterback- Drew Bledsoe suffered from internal injuries due to a hit in his second game of the 2001 season. Bill Belichick put in Tom Brady to fill his place. When they put him in he won their first game in the season against the Colts. He lost the next game but won the next 5. The Patriots were playing a lot better than usual with him. The Patriots kept winning with Tom Brady and went to super bowl XXXVI against the rams. With the help of Tom Brady the Patriots won their first super bowl. The Patriots continued playing better that ever and made it into 2003's super bowl XXXVIII against the Carolina Panthers. The patriots once again won. This was their 2nd super bowl. Next year in Super Bowl XXXIX the Patriots beat the Eagles and claimed there 3rd Super Bowl. The Patriots kept on going along and they got in two superbowls both against the New York Giants however they lost both. History 2000- Present The Patriots have many rivals such as the Jets Chargers, Steelers, and Broncos. However there biggest rival is the Indianapolis Colts. Rivals Bill Belichick Foxbourogh stadium Tom Brady The Patriots are
three time super bowl
Champions. Drew Bledsoe Super Bowl XXXVI Against the Rams The leaders on this team are:
Tom Brady #12 QB
Stevan Ridley #22 RB
Brandon Bolden #38 RB
Wes Welker #83 WR
Brandon Lloyd #85 WR

Two of my personal favorites on the team are the two tight ends:
Rob Gronkowski #87 TE
Aaron Hernandez #81 TE Rob Gronkowski Aaron Hernadez
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