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Marketing for the Performing Arts

No description

Stevie Doherty

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Marketing for the Performing Arts

Unit 106 Marketing for the Performing Arts
Marketing Mix
The diagram below is 1 way of expressing a Marketing Mix.

A marketing mix is an analysis of all the things you need to consider when planning to market an event.

You use the information in your marketing mix when you come to create your Marketing Strategy.

This link will take you to explanations of each section in the marketing mix.


Market Research
To understand your target audience for the event you're promoting, you need to carry out research to find out the most effective way to market the event to them.

Primary Market Research
New research data or information collected and collated by you, specifically for the event you are marketing.

Secondary Market Research
Research that has already been carried out, which is relevant to the event you are marketing.

This link will take you to more detailed information and guidance for carrying out market research.

Promo Performance
Branded Clothing
What now?
You will learn what you need to know about marketing through e-learning materials, including this Prezi.

You can discuss and ask questions about what you are learning, with Stevie, on Tuesdays.
Learning and Assessment Schedule
Tues 13th Oct
Work through e-learning materials.
Home study - research marketing strategies and materials.

Tues 20th Oct
Discuss research.
Plan for completing Assignment 1.
Home study - Assignment 1 - written or oral report.

26th-30th Oct (Half term)
Home study - Assignment 1

Tues 3rd Nov
No lesson - Home study - Assignment 1

**Weds 4th Nov - Assignment 1 Deadline**
Learning and Assessment Schedule cont...
Tues 8th Dec
Marketing teams allocated.

Team 1 - Experimental Performance
Assignment 2 - Starts Tues 8th Dec. Deadline Tues 26th Jan.
Assignment 3 - Starts 26th Jan. Deadline Tues 9th Feb.

Team 2 - New Directors
Assignment 2 - Starts Tues 2nd Feb. Deadline Tues 22nd Mar.
Assignment 3 - Starts Tues 22nd Mar. Deadline Tues 12th Mar.

Team 3 - Musical Theatre
Assignment 2 - Starts Tues 26th Apr. Deadline Tues 7th Jun.
Assignment 3 - Starts Tues 7th Jun. Deadline Tues 21st Jun.
Marketing Materials
Marketing or promotional materials are the things that are created to help sell the product (performing arts event).

Examples include...
Posters, flyers, branded clothing/accessories, emails, radio or TV ads, newspaper ads, online or printed news reports, viral ads/promo videos, flash mobs/short performances, blogs, social media posts/event listings.
What's the point of marketing?

The sole purpose of marketing is to sell more to more people, more often and at higher prices. There is no other reason to do it.
” ~
Sergio Zyman

Whatever the reason, 1 thing is for sure…

Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.
” ~
David Packard

Marketing Strategy
You will need to create a marketing strategy to help you manage your campaign effectively.

There is a Marketing Strategy Guidance document on Qube under the Marketing toggle.

This document explains everything you need to include in your Marketing Strategy. It also explains USP.
Learning And Assessment Overview
You will submit a written or oral report for Assignment 1 by Weds 4th Nov.

The rest of your assessments for this unit will occur later in the year, depending which production you are marketing.

There is a schedule in this Prezi.
1. Make sure you have understood what is in this Prezi.

2. Go onto Acting 2 on Qube, download and save the documents under the Marketing toggle.

3. Complete your home study (see final bubbles for details) and bring your work in next week.
The learning starts now...
You can make notes, take screen shots to annotate later, or just read this Prezi.

Do whatever works best for your learning style but make sure you understand and can apply what you have learnt.

You can access this Prezi at any time as long as you have the link.
Home Study
Choose 3 performing arts organisations/companies from the types in the square below.

For each one, research the following
Types of events they offer.
Venues they use.
Their target audience/s.
Examples of the marketing materials they use.
Where/how/when they distribute their marketing materials.
Their USP and how this is shown in their marketing.
Select 3 types of company/organisation from the list below.

Receiving House
Producing House
Touring Theatre Company
TIE Company
Film Company
Festival Organiser
Charitable Trusts working in Performing Arts

Find 1 company/organisation from each of your selected 3 types to research in detail. Click next to find out what you need to research.
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