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7.03 Assessment: Compare and Contrast Hitler and Mussolini

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Kayla Russell

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of 7.03 Assessment: Compare and Contrast Hitler and Mussolini

The Similarities and Differences Of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini By: Kayla Russell

7.03 Assessment Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were similar in many ways, yet different in several ways. This presentation will allow you to analyze the similarities and differences of the two. Summary: Hitler Mussolini Both Conducted his policies during a short period of time Became Chancellor in 1933 in Germany Focused on handling all the power over others Both rose to power by exploiting their resentment towards their theories or what they believed in. Both were over ambitious Rose to power in 1922 in Italy Had a desire to have more " prestige", as he calls it, over Italy, the world, and including himself. Clearly intended to increase the economic power of Germany. Wanted to have dominant power over Central Europe Planned for world- domination Drive for " Lebensraum" located in the East was planned on the Nazi's theories that they had developed. Withdrew Germany from the League of Nations Had once sided with Britain and France instead and was the opponent of Hitler and his Nazi Germany Thinking relied on ideas that were developed from the late 19th century. Was a pure opportunist in foreign policy decisions. Had different motivations for supporting Francisco Franco Had a racist ideology that had been stressed on their countries national expansion and their countries military strength and weaknesses during wars. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini had many things in common pertaining to their thinking but different things pertaining on Social, economic, and their goal conditions. To start off, both leaders had rose to power by giving their resentment towards the Paris Peace Settlements. They were both over ambitious about controlling their countries: Italy and Germany. They were also foundational about their thinking on the foreign policy. Most Importantly, they both had motivations on supporting Francisco Franco, another leader who needed help in wars.
Their was a key difference between Mussolini and Hitler, however.Mussolini came to power in 1922 in Italy while Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 in Germany. Hitler had made his policies over a shorter time period than Mussolini. Also, Hitler had intended to get all the power over Germany, he wanted to rule everything (world- domination.) Mussolini, however, had relied on thinking from the 1900s to overcome some power. He, Mussolini, was an opportunist when it came to foreign policy decisions. Mussolini had actually once sided with Britain and France instead of Hitler!! Hitler's vision of expansion was based on the increase of economic power for Germany so it could be the most powerful in Europe.
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