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Grad Exam Review Terms

No description

David Watts

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of Grad Exam Review Terms

Grad Exam Review
Terms England’s first document of its constitution is called the __________. Magna Carta The Senate will have 2 from each state, but the House of Representatives will be based on population. Great Compromise Established judicial review Marbury vs. Madison impressments Kidnap embargo Cut off Trade temperance Against alcohol Northerners who came south to get rich carpetbaggers Pride in one’s country nationalism “necessary and proper” – change or add laws as times change
elastic clause Ended French-Indian War; England got all land east of the Mississippi River
Treaty of Paris 1763 Black Codes or Jim Crow laws Separate blacks and whites The Supreme Court/interprets laws Judicial Branch 5 slaves count as 3 people 3/5 Compromise President/enforces laws executive branch Ended American Revolution; U.S. got all land east of the Mississippi River
Treaty of Paris 1783 Congress/makes laws legislative branch Surround on land siege How to divide and sell new land in U.S. Land Ordinance Act that gave up to160 acres if lived on for 5 years Homestead Act Against slavery All land above 36 30’ was free – all below was slave
Missouri Compromise abolition Freed slaves in South
Emancipation Proclamation Southerners who helped North scalawags Supreme court decision that said once a slave, always a slave unless bought or given freedom Dred Scott Decision Decided how to become a state Northwest Ordinance North had to return runaway slaves Fugitive Slave Law High tax on imported goods; helped American factories protective tariff Sunk by a German U- Boat before WWI Lusitania rural Country Owned all of something monopoly Gave percent of crop for rent sharecropper Writers who exposed corruption Muckrakers Always voted Democratic Solid South During 1920’s; Good times Jazz Age urban City President Wilson’s idea; similar to U.N.; U.S. did not join
League of Nations Established separate but equal Plessy vs. Ferguson Germany asked Mexico to declare war on the U.S. to enter WWI – Mexico would get back Texas to California Zimmerman Note Stopped creation of monopolies Clayton and Sherman Anti-Trust Act Rented land tenant Idea that people should choose their government Social Contract Theory Kill entire group of people genocide Stop sell of alcohol prohibition U.S. stay out of Europe’s affairs
Europe stay out of U.S. affairs
No more colonies in the western hemisphere Monroe Doctrine FDR’s plan to stop the Depression New Deal Droughts where wind blew top soil away in the West (Oklahoma) Dust Bowl FDR talked to people over the radio fireside chats Insured bank deposits up to $100,000 FDIC Unemployment insurance
Old age pensions
Help handicapped Social Security
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