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Speak- summer project

by laurie halse anderson

alex g.

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Speak- summer project

-Laurie Halse Anderson
-project by: Alexandra Gabbert
The main character is Melinda Sordino. Melinda rarely speaks, and usually has a negative attitdue. Most people think she is depressed.
The novel takes place in Syracuse, New York, in the Merryweather High School. It is most likely taking place in the 1990's.
The book takes place at the beginning of a school year, to the end of the school year.
The setting contributes to the mood. In the dull winter, Melinda is rejected and hidden in her own world. The mood is dreary and depressing.
When the seasons change to spring and summer, Melinda decides to break out of her shell. She participates in school, and makes a few friends.
The mood is then hopeful and slightly more optimistic than the beginning of the novel.
After she was raped, Melinda turned into a very cautious person. She doesn't let herself do anything very social, in fear that history could repeat itself.
Part of her knows though that she can't live like that forever, so the two sides of her fight to make decisions.
Melinda is also trying to decide what is best for her. She can't decide if she should tell her secret or keep it to herself
Melinda also battles society. She has to live with parents who don't understand her, and a high school full of students who hate her.
Melinda called the cops at a summer high school party because she was raped by Andy Evans.
The teenagers don't know the details. They just know that Melinda called the cops, and they hate her for it.
With her friends refusing to speak to her,
and the unpleasant high school atmosphere, Melinda struggles to make it through 9th grade.
Andy Evans haunting her at school,
At first, Melinda thinks that being isolate, ignorant and silent is the best option.

As the school year progresses she starts to realize that friends and grades are more important than she thinks,
and that her secret can't stay hidden forever.
Melinda's strengths include art and learning to adapt to her surroundings. She has a weakness for social interaction and schoolwork.
"All that crap you here on TV about communication and expressing feelings is a lie. Nobody really wants to hear what you have to say."
This quote explains Melinda's feelings about speaking. At the beginning of the novel, Melinda feels that her words and thoughts are useless.
It was only until the end of the novel that Melinda realized her words won't do her any good in her head. They matter most when other people can hear them.
The theme of the novel is not to be afraid to speak out.
I really enjoyed this book and I think that the book teaches the reader to say what you feel

instead of keeping your feelings and thoughts locked up in your head.
I can relate to Melinda because I am close to her age and i am an artist, like she is.
This book was also inspiring, because Melinda learned that there was nothing she could do to change what happened. The past was done.
Alot of people (including Melinda) are afraid to speak their opinions or thoughts.
Melinda didn't tell anyone that she was raped. She had to go through 9th grade with her peers disliking her, and Andy Evans scaring her.
If Melinda had told someone right after it happened, then Andy would have been arested, and no one would hate her.
But Melinda was able to transform herself so that she could have a better future.
to tell her
to her ex best
, Rachel.
At the end of the school
year, Andy Evans tried
to hurt Melinda again,
and after that, the
whole school knew
what happened.

Now, Andy
can't hurt
any more
, and
she feels
that her
is out.
I chose this theme because I think speaking out is really important. If you don't speak, none of your problems can be fixed.
is a young adult,

realistic fiction novel.
"Nothing good ever happens at lunch. The cafeteria is a giant sound stage where they film daily segments of Teenage Humiliation Rituals. And it smells gross.
"The salt in my tears feels good when it stings my lips. I wash my face in the sink until there is nothing left of it,
no eyes, no nose, no mouth. A slick nothing."
In this quote,
Melinda is feeling
dejected and she just
wants to disappear.
This shows the
melancholic tone of the book.
Melinda is complaing and expressing her extreme dislike for the school cafeteria. This shows the informal and cynical tone of the novel.
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