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EENG 489 - Library Resources


D.S. Apfelbaum

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of EENG 489 - Library Resources

Design Project EENG 489 Locations & Resources The NYIT Libraries Finding Books, eBooks,
& Other Media Searching for Articles Databases In Print or Online Full-Text Journals Need Help? Ask a Librarian! More
search. Additional information about the item. Steal these terms! Use the catalog's official subject headings in your next search to find more items like this one. Arranged
by subject. Arranged alphabetically. Want to access the database from off-campus? All you need is your NYITConnect username & password. Disaster Management Communications Systems Security Hydraulics & Pneumatics Coverage Date(s) Database in which specified coverage is located. Browse through an issue. Search for articles within the journal. We have 3 Libraries @ NYIT's Old Westbury Campus Art & Architecture Library (Education Hall)
NYCOM Medical Library (Rockefeller Building)
Wisser Memorial Library The libraries at NYIT provide access to over 15,000 ebooks, 200 online databases, 52,000 full-text electronic journals. Using Bearcat P
D Artificial Heart Valves No punctuation, no operators (AND, OR, NOT). Browse or search for a specific journal. Microturbine Click "Link Out" for access options. Want to know more about searching the medical databases? Visit the NYCOM MEDICAL LIBRARY.
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