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Presenting QuickCharmStats

QuickCharmStats (available soon!) is a software to help researchers quickly and easily harmonize variables. It documents your work and generates syntax for SPSS and Stata.

Kristi Winters

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Presenting QuickCharmStats

Don't just harmonize your data....
make it charming with CharmStats

Harmonizing variable is often
necessary for statistical analysis
Make the most of your work
Stata, R, Mplus (planned)
Prepare your data
Measurement – the concept you want to harmonize
Collect your documentation
Add notes at every step of the process
Plan your harmonization
Templates (Likert, 11 pt scale)
Import your data
The CharmStats Interface
1. Import your variables and measurement
2. Project setup
3. Import your target and source variables
4. Data recoding step
Create a report
5. Export syntax
Graph feature
QCS Reporting Features
Documenting is time consuming
May not be clear how to replicate exactly
No clear standards for reporting in publications
Document as you go
Produce syntax automatically
Create graphs to illustrate your coding
Generate project reports already
formatted for data documentation
Powered by GESIS
Literature – articles, studies, published CharmStats harmonizations
Target variable – metadata
Source variable – metadata
QCS: Import data using SPSS
CharmStatsPro (Autumn) data importation with
DDI 3.1
DDI 2.5
Valid data harmonization
Missing data
Document how you will deal with
interviewer instructions
collection problems
harmonization difficulties
Target variables
Add metadata
Question wording
Study information
Source variables
QuickCharmStats is a free and
open source software developed by
GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
Get ready to use QuickCharmStats
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