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New Advisor Training

Training Presentation for new Tau Beta Pi Chapter Advisors

Barry Frost

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of New Advisor Training

The Chapter should be aware of the following available sources of funding:

One-time Initiation fees by new initiates
Allotments for student groups available from the College of Engineering or from the University-wide Student Council
Fundraising activities such as sale of study guides and review sessions for the FE Exam
Greater Interest in Government (GIG)
The Laureate Program
New Chapter Recognition Award The chapter needs to develop a budget to include basic expenses such as:

Dues to be paid to TBP HQ for each new initiate
Cost of Initiation Activities and Initiation Banquet
Cost of refreshments at Chapter meetings
Cost of transportation for Chapter to attend TBP District Conference*
Expenses for an Alternate Delegate to travel to the Annual Convention
Reimbursable for only part (20%) of the airfare
Cost of executing community and social projects

* Reimbursable Advisors help student officers recognize, manage, and mitigate risks associated with trying new things. Forms are downloadable
Officer signatures
Voting Delegate Expense ($0.00)
Convention Credentials – 2 part
Ratification Ballot (if necessary)
Chapter Project Report Template

Most often missing, along with Officer Fall Address
Not updated: Advisors / terms Table of Contents
Photographs / project documentation
Presentation – Awards Committee
Can include chapter documentation: minutes (not included in evaluation)
Encourage officers to log these as events happen – not at the end of the year! Project Points
Awarded for quality, time & effort, success
Hosting Convention / District Meeting gets extra points

Normalized for size of chapter
Total points / Number of eligible students Significant, Appropriate, Separate

Does not include “required” projects (meetings)
Parts of larger projects are combined
Total points / Number of projects : Project average Secretary’s Commendation

“Perfect” Performance
All required reports turned in on time Reports: accuracy, completeness, promptness
Projects: extent, quality
Chapter Survey
Financial Status Your students are just starting their professional journey... and you are one of their coaches Why are Chapter Advisors so important? Chapter Growth Advisors provide the continuity The Chapter should also encourage its members to apply for these sources of individual funding from TBP:

Scholarship for Juniors to use in their senior year
Fellowship for seniors to use in graduate school
The Laureate Program
Student Loans from TBP A typical Chapter would have three separate accounts with:

The University Comptroller
A local bank (sometimes not allowed by university)

The key financial personnel of a chapter:

Chapter Advisor (always on for continuity) The following financial reports should be prepared and filed:

Bank signatures form
IRS form I-990
Due 4.5 months after the end of a chapters fiscal year end
Chapter annual financial report to TBP HQ So what's the goal? Professionally,
We all want them to run the race well but what about your chapter?!? Chapter Recognition Award (new!)
$250 minimum – administered by the District Directors
Purpose is to encourage chapter growth & development Membership Award (new!)

Purpose is to encourage chapter growth
Chapter receives a plaque at Convention Outstanding Chapter & Most Improved

HQ screening  Convention Committee
Most Improved based upon a 3 year history Officer turnover is high Advisors are the key to continuity for growth to occur! TBP is a microcosm of what students will face after graduation.

Provides a “safe” place to develop leadership skills. Your coaching style can and should change depending on your officers AND the fitness of your chapter Chapters typically fall into 1 of 3 categories of fitness level... Where the rubber meets the road... 5K Chapter Initiating new members Struggling to elect new officers Holding one or two events per semester. Your Coaching Tools Involvement - More likely to need an Advisor to take an active role in the chapter to keep the chapter running. Connections - to campus and industry resources. Encouragement - students should feel comfortable asking for advice. Continuity - a knowledge of how things were done. Half Marathon Chapter Your Coaching Tools Your Coaching Tools Full Marathon Chapter Election of officers is more up than down (depending on year) Initiating new members going smoothly Source of ideas - what programs is the college, or industry, or HQ looking for? Knowledge Base - What channels (on and off campus) to go through for certain activities. Continuity - less of an issue as chapters progress. Knowledge base - what events have been tried in the past, why did they succeed or fail. Encouragement - students should feel comfortable asking for advice. Involvement - Advisor attending officer meetings, part of decision-making process. Initiating new members Developing new events Developing new events or programs Set of “traditional” events Officer continuity is self sustaining Encouragement - students should feel comfortable asking us for advice. Involvement - Advisor attending officer meetings, part of decision-making process. Sounding Board - Chapter is more likely to be ambitious in its projects, take larger risks. Know your officers. Sit in on officer meetings to foster communication. As a last resort, step in and help them resolve problems. Support the officers by providing contacts on-campus and in industry. Encourage the officers in their leadership roles to explore new ideas and take on new responsibilities. Be familiar with how your chapter is run. Other Advisor 'Coaching' Techniques Now that we have some 'tools',
it's time to roll up our sleeves, jump
into the ditch, and dig through the dirty details... Chapter Finances Advisor Website http://www.tbp.org/Advisors/index.cfm Enjoy the journey! Extensive activity in five diverse areas:

Community/Liberal Culture
Education/Professional Development Award Criteria Chapter Projects Number of projects (depends on chapter size) Chapter Projects Chapter Projects Chapter Project Book Evaluation Paper-only Reports The Take-aways You are the source of continuity for your chapter
Stay connected to your officers (esp. meetings)
Know your officers
Make sure everything is done before officers leave at the end of the year
Log on and USE the Advisor Website
Know what and when reports are due
Always be a source of encouragement Awards
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