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Marvel 1602

No description

Matt Mullan

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Marvel 1602

Historical Background Info
Social Class Divisions
Role of Religion and the Supernatural
"You counterfeit an angel, aye. But your creator is the devil" - (Gaiman Part 1)
Role of Men and Women
By Matt, Rich, Adam, and Jeremy
Marvel 1602
"Doctor Stephen Strange, master of the Queen's medicines, meet Sir Nicholas Fury, who is -- what is your official title Sir Nicholas? No, be quiet. You'll tell us we don't pay you enough", says Queen Elizabeth (Gaiman Part I).
"Democracy. Not something you people have seen much of yet. But it's worth fighting for..."
(Gaiman Part 8).
"There are places a woman can go that a man could not" (Gaiman Part 2).
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