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Blue Bottle Experiment

By Joel McGarrity And Melissa Pede

O_O >_<

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Blue Bottle Experiment

The Blue Bottle Experiment By
Joel McGarrity
And Melissa Pede The Purpose Of The Experiment 15/10/2012 The purpose of this experiment is to figure out why methylene blue turns clear and rises when added to sodium hydroxide The liquid is expected to change color because the sodium hydroxide is thinner than the methylene blue and the methylene blue acts like an oil and rises to the top of the glass. The Hypothesis The Materials The materials that were used were
- 1 beaker
- safety goggles
- 1 dropper
- lab coat
- methylene blue
- sodium hydroxide
- 1 scale
- waste bin The Procedure 1. Put 20ml of methylene blue in a cup
2. Measure the mass of the methylene blue
3. Put 20ml of sodium hydroxide in a cup
4. Measure the mass of the sodium hydroxide
5. Find the density of each liquid by dividing how many grams it is by 20ml
6. Compare the differences between the 2 liquids
7. Conclusion In conclusion, when 20ml of methylene blue was added to 20ml of sodium hydroxide the combined liquid in the flask turned blue and moderately transparent. After shaking the flask and letting it sit the liquid in t he flask slowly became clear and a blue ring formed along the edge of the flask at the surface of the liquid.
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