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Russian Food Service

No description

Mary Gabunada

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Russian Food Service

Russian Food Service
(Service à la russe)

1. Warm plates are set from the guests' right, going counterclockwise.

2.Food are placed on silver platters and served from the guests' left.

3. Food are served onto the plates using a serving spoon.

4. Plates are cleared from the right side of the guests.

5. The menu usually consists of 5-7 courses with wine for each course.

6. Clear plates after each course.

When guests order different entrees it requires bringing different platters to the table. This is time consuming. The first guest served will end up with cold food to eat if he or she waits for all the guests to be served.
There is a high initial cost for purchasing the silver platters. A larger problem is controlling the inventory of silver and preventing theft.
If all guests order the same entree, the last person served could find the look of the food picked over and unappealing.
Tables must be positioned so that they are easy to serve.

Russian Food Service Style

The cuisine of Russia was greatly influenced by the
Catherine the Great of Russia
(1762–1796) imported French chefs and corresponded regularly with Voltaire. She was a great

Russian Service
Prepared By:

Quality of food is maintained.
Food portioned and arranged on a silver platter looks appealing and impressive.
Guests will be more comfortable at the table, because 30 inches of linear space are needed for Russian service, as opposed to 24 inches for other services.
Guests can be served more quickly, which allows for more turnover than does French service.
Food looks impressive when served.

Russian Place Setting
1. Tablecloths used are linen, lace or damask large enough to provide an overhang of about 12-15 inches on all sides.

2. A silence cloth is placed under the tablecloth to deaden the noise during service.

3. A place plate is placed at the center of the cover on to which is the appetizer or soup plate with an underliner.

4. Flatware are placed on either side of the cover not to exceed more than 3 pieces on either side.

5. Beverage ware are placed on the right of the cover above the tip of the dinner knife. No more than 3 glasses are allowed at a time.

6. Napkins may be placed on top of the place plate, inside the water goblet or on the left of the fork.
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