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Great teaching

No description

Oliver Williams

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Great teaching

Time to raise our games? What do students know about great teaching? - Talking about good teaching
- What do students have to say?
- The role of Student-Led Teaching Awards
- Why should we listen? But first.... Great teaching:
transactional or transformational? Some statements of contention "student expectations are increasing with the fee level- they want value for money" "great teaching is a key part of the student experience" "it's okay to be an expert in either teaching
or research" The obsession with bad teaching ratemyprofessors.com "intelligent but not articulate" "actually incomprehensible" "I can't put into words how shit
this guy is" But SEDA are at it too! "how to lose a class in 30 seconds..." What about good teaching then? What is good teaching in the eyes of students? Identify adjectives, not nouns
No 'hints and tips'! Discuss... Can Students Recognise Great Teaching? Oliver Williams, NUS What about these....? Risk-averse Functional Engaging Traditional Researching Students and Great Teaching (1) University of Roehampton: Formations of Gender and HE Pedagogies (2012) Student expectations of teaching were very low: well-organised and well-communicated approaches appreciated So, are student expectations of their teaching so low? And if so, why? Why so low? Students don't care! They've got nothing to compare it
against CONCLUSIVE PROOF TEACHING IS TRANSFORMATIONAL “After Secondary school I moved onto Elliot Clarke Drama School in Liverpool which has now sadly closed, but I never forgot my teacher Miss Ashton. She encouraged me to go to the audition for Atomic Kitten. I hated auditions!”
"the modern student is a consumer" Entertaining "it's good because he puts the powerpoints up online" But it's not just us, or just teaching it's HE!

(and education generally, actually) The Williams Cycle of
Media Coverage of HE (not peer reviewed) The 'A-Levels are
The 'Mickey Mouse subject" story The 'International
Students are bad and/or
a bit foreign aren't they'
story The 'standards
are dropping/ degrees are
easier' story The 'students aren't
gaining anything from
uni and there are no jobs
anyway' story Reclaim the news cycle

Break the narrative

Transmit the value of HE

Let's think about one particular thing... Inspiring They don't get it! Asking students about great teaching: Student-Led Teaching Awards and nomination analysis The NUS and HEA Student-Led
Teaching Awards Project 2011/12 Worked with 20 Students' Unions to
create schemes where students could
recognise and reward their teachers Subsequent Analysis

10 schemes made data available Sue Thompson
and Elena Zaitseva Why SLTAs are FANTASTIC - They get students focusing on GOOD teaching
- They get university management focusing on GOOD teaching
- They provide a lovely opportunity for staff and students to celebrate together
- Students VALUE teaching- the success of the schemes proves it

- PLUS, rich data is generated HEAcademy Key Findings - Students across a range of institutions value similar things

- Across three areas... TEACHING ABILITY RESEARCH TIME promoting understanding innovative approaches inclusive enthusiastic relevant examples able knowledgeable understanding of subject passion helpful supportive feedback understanding current Some conclusions and some questions - Students can recognise great teaching, but need to be asked the right questions
- The student voice on great teaching could be deployed pretty powerfully, especially if students "are at the heart of the system"
-Let's work together to develop students' understanding of teaching and learning
-Why is there so much focus on the bad? Can SLTAs help to change this?
- SLTAs could be a key tenet of PARTNERSHIP- but are we wasting our time with students as partners? Caroline Stainton, Sue Thompson & Elena Zaitseva Researching Students and Great Teaching (2)
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