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Distracted Starchy

No description

freeman fulwiley

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of Distracted Starchy



Its A BIRD, its a PLANE no its DISTRACTION keeping you from reality
The concept of this project is Distraction and show what distracts people the most now
Art Reference
Naive Painters
Henri Rousseau Rabbit
Gertrude O'Brady
Why Distraction again?
I've become obsessed with the idea that phones are controlling and people are no longer concerned with whats happening around them. People don't expose themselves to anything new or out of the ordinary
Bailing wire
Aluminum Wire
Rabbit skin Glue
Paper Sizing
Cell Phone Parts
This project exposed me to a different level of thinking. I struggled but it will be beneficial in the future.
I definitely want to start things earlier so the piece can get more of my time
I wouldn't mind doing another piece in the bailing wire I could do many things in the future with it.
Failure is not always a mistake it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances The real mistake is to stop trying
B.F. Skinner
How did I become obsessed with distraction?
This all began with a question do people have a memory of being exposed to an animal and was there more than one?
If they don't have any memories of being exposed to animals do they remember when they got their first phone? How old and what year they were born?
What I found out from this research was that people born in the older generation have unique recall memories of animals

But as I continued less people in the younger generation had memories of unique animal exposure
So whats happening, well as time passes technology advances and people have to expose themselves more to keep themselves relevant and phones are always getting smarter and people become more obsessed with whats on the small screen than reality itself
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