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Mr Bright: Research Process

A research process presentation to help with NCEA 3.5

Chris Bright

on 23 February 2012

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Transcript of Mr Bright: Research Process

Step One:
Select a Topic
Step Two:
Brainstorm ideas
Step Three:
Find Research
Step Four:
Sort your Research
Step Five:
Create a structure for
your research assignment
Step Six:
Start putting all the discussion
points into their relevant sections
into the structure of your essay
Step Seven:
Start creating paragraphs
for your discussion points
Step Eight:
Get Feedback on your
research assignment and
act upon it
How do you do a Research Assessment?
When selecting a topic make sure it is something
you find interesting and that you can find alot of
information on it
When brainstorming your ideas you need
to ensure that you are considering all possible
aspects of your topic. Using the S.P.E.E.C.H
model allows you to do this
Social mode of life
The customs and organisation of a civilized nation.
(Sociology)-The Science of the development, nature and laws of human society.
Science and art of government,
political affairs or life, political principles
Surrounding; surrounding objects,
region, or circumstances.
Practical Science of the production and distribution of wealth, condition of a country as to
Administration of concerns and resources of a community.
Civilization, background of individuals.
Ethnicity that an individual feels connection with
What has happen in the past. Do the past actions of society influence the actions of the present
Using different research methods such as
Google Scholar
Google Books
NZ Hearld Website
Newspapers / Magazines / TV
You need to first do a wide search on your topic then start by doing smaller ones such as your ideas you brainstormed in Step Two.
You need to file your research in a helpful manner. A good way is to make a 2 columned table and put your search question on the left and the research found in the right hand column
Once you have found your research you need
to sort it out into different categories. This is like
sorting out your washing at home. All the shirts go
into a pile and pants into another and so on.
Once you have sorted out your research
this almost becomes your essay structure
that you have to write about. Depending on
struture of your essay you might decide to
use something like this
This is where you introduce the reader to your
research topic and explain the issue or perpose
of your research. You also mention the main points
and introduce your areas of discussion
Main points:
This is the main body of your research essay
You will discuss all the relevant points of your
research essay.
Once you have researched your topic you will have a strong
understanding of the issues surrounding your topic. In this section you are required to discussion your opinions on this issues and back them up with sound reasoning
In this section you have give possible recommendations
or suggestions to help fix or minimise the issue. Make sure
you include why you think your ideas might work and discuss the
possible outcome of your suggestions
In this section you are required to summary you
research essay. Go over the main points discussed, your
opinnion and recommendation
Once you have created a structure for your essay and
included all the points you will discuss in the sections you
can start creating paragraphs. A good paragraph structure
could look like this
Statement: State your main discussion point
Example: Back it up with a relevant example
Explanation: Explain why this is
Analysis: Why do this occur? Look at the wider issue
(this section will determine your merit & excellence grades
Once you have the structure for your essay
you have to start putting in the information that you
want to include into that section. This will / could be
your topics for your paragraphs
This part is very important. You need to get feedback from your
teacher and act upon it. Don't just do it once or twice. Keep doing it until you and your teacher are happy with it.
Important to note to make sure you have enough time to get
proper feedback this process must start atleast 2 weeks before the due date
Good Luck :)
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