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Greek Thinkers Lesson

No description

Mr. Stewart

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Greek Thinkers Lesson

Ancient Greek
Thinkers Greeks and Philosophy,
a Match Made on Mnt. Olympus a major thing we learned from the greeks was
to value the importance of ideas

Wisdom was revered in Greek culture and spending
your life developing wisdom was considered a pretty
good choice. It's all Greek to Me Let's think about how Greek thought continues
to impact the way we think and learn today?

- Science?
- Art?
- English? Identify and Define:
Greek Philosophers Get into groups of 5. You will be assigned one of the following philosophers/thinkers.
For each, research:
4 Great Contributions to Greek Society
1-2 Paragraphs of Biographical Info
and choose a symbol to represent your thinker. You may utilize text books and whatever internet resources they have available
Philo = loving sophis = wise, learned
Philosophy literally = <3 - Sophists
- rhetoric
-"adversary system" - Most revered thinkers in history
- Plato
- Socrates Aristotle
Euripides Greek Thinkers
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