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Why People Move

Why people move

Anna Parker

on 8 March 2010

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Transcript of Why People Move

Why people move
Is moving fun and fair?
By: Kassia Karras
My Question:
How do US embassy kids feel about moving all the time?
When US embassy kids just move they
may sometimes feel left out because they don't
know anything about the new place
But others might feel excited to try
new things, and feel fresh to start over
some kids think it's fair, but some don't for different
using the interviewers information, I decided it was fair, because
they get to learn more and explore the world, and they can meet
new people
1.Jack Prior
2.Benton Vance
3.Seamus Gorman
4.Matthew Lyng
What I decided if it's fair or not:
Most US embassy kid's parents get relocated after
2-3 years
I think its fair for US embassy
kid to move often
I gathered my information through student
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