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Cultures of the Mountains and the Sea


Ashley Ludwig

on 29 March 2010

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Transcript of Cultures of the Mountains and the Sea

Cultures of the Mountains and the Sea MYCENAEANS
An Indo-European person
who settled on Greeks
mainland around 2000B.C. DORIANS
Greek-speaking people who according to tradition, migrated into the mainland Greece after the destruction of the Myceanaen civilization.
Georaphy caused the seperate groups of Greek-speaking peoples to develop isolated societies Lots of the Western Cultural heritage
was planted during this time! Geography

The sea shaped Greek Civilization.Greeks never traveled more than 85 miles to reach the coastline. The Aegean Sea,the Ionian Sea and the Black Sea were important transportation routes. Rugged mountains covered
most of ancient Greece.The
mountains made it hard for
transportation. Climate Greece had a average temperature of 48 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and about 80 degrees in the summer. These temperatures supported an outdoor life style. Epics of Homer
Homer was a blind man who composed epics that talked about celebrating heroic deeds, between 750 and 700 B.C. The Trojan War forms the backdrop of two of his greatest epic poems;The Iliad and The Odyssey. Greek Myths Greeces had a rich set of myths or traditional stories, about their gods.The Greeks sought to understand the mysteries of nature and the power of human passions. MYTHS Traditional stories,about Greeks gods. The Trojan war A war that took place around 1200B.C. when the Mycenaean kings fought a ten-year war against troy,an indepentent trading city located in Anatolia. People that started settling in the Greek mainland around 2000B.C. were later know as Mycenaeans.Named after their leading city,Mycenae. Mycenae could withstand almost any attack.The nobles who lived their had a life of splender. Mycenaean Civilization
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