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Women's rights in the 1930s vs 2014

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Viviana Garcia

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Women's rights in the 1930s vs 2014

Women's rights in the 1930s vs 2014
How were women treated in the 1930's?
less respect
had less rights
were considered worthless if they weren't married or had children
faced great criticism
were considered more like objects than actual people
Ethnicity in women
it was more difficult for African American women's because they faced racism AND discrimination
White women may have earned rights in the 20th century but African American women had not .
Women and the Great Depression

During the depression women were often accused of stealing jobs and money away from men
women were blamed for the depression
that if women would give up their jobs unemployment for men would be slim to none
Women who had jobs were often pressured to give up their jobs for "family men"
What were women expected to do?
their priorities (according to men) were only to have kids and take care of their husbands
stay at home and clean.
to leave all the work jobs for the men
How are women treated in 2014?
Women now have earned more rights.
They gained more respect
They are viewed as stronger individuals
They are sometimes allowed more jobs
Sometimes they are treated equally as men.
Restrictions on women's jobs today.
Women still can't have lifting jobs because companies see them has weak and don't want law suits in case they get injured
It is rare to see women in the top economy jobs.
Women of color today
Women of color have earned more rights but are still stereotyped today.
They are considered low class
some are even considered ghetto
Jobs: Women vs. Men
earnings for women in 2012 was $37,791 compared to men’s $49,398
In 2013, females who worked full time made only 78 cents for every dollar earned by men.
Women are still treated differently compare to men, since we look weaker compare to them and they think it’s better for them to handle the work well we serve them
women are still treated badly today at work and disagreed a lot since a lot of the men still think women’s ideas are not well-thought out
Problems women face today
girls today are judge on how they look instead of their personalities & how athletic they are
Historic women
Joan of Arc is one of the first women to fight for their country
Harriet Tubman was a Union spy during the American Civil War
Gender didn’t matter to these women they still took action even though they knew what was at stake

Women and the Great Depression
Limits to Women’s Rights in The 1930s
13 Subtle Ways Women Are Treated Differently At Work
Women’s Rights
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