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Techno Music


Emma McKenzie

on 10 October 2011

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Transcript of Techno Music

Techno Presented By:
Emma McKenzie
Tiffany Truong The Creators of Techno Techno music started with a group of pioneers in the 1980's in Detroit. Their names were Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. They had met at Belleville High School and befriended each other. They started to make a group and created a new music genre we now call Techno. Now 30 years later, they've come up with much newer artists and more popular artists such as Owl City and LIGHTS. Software Programs
Synthesizers Techno Artists LIGHTS
Owl City
Kevin Saunderson
William Orbit
Lago De La Vega
Omega Drive
David Moleon
John Karagiannis
Cybotron Our Reasoning? It uses computer programmed
instrument softwares. Not alot of other artists would specifically chose techno as their style. It uses cool beats and rhythm compared to some other music styles and it has its own taste. We also chose this style because it is very unique in lots of different ways compared to other genres of music. Where as techno is a bit more challenging to work with. What is Techno? Techno is made by taking a synthesizer or a special computer program and creating your own techno music. A synthersizer looks like a keyboard with funky looking buttons and tabs on the top. You can change what the keys on the keyboard stand for. For example, it could sound like drums and then you change it using the tabs on the top to make it sound more electronic. Otherwise, a computer program has the tunes, beats and rhythm for you to change, but of course, your not using a keyboard. Techno may or may not have singing. Unique Different Strange Creative Fun Complex Special Distinctive Catchy Technical Cheerful One-of-a-kind Bibliography: http://www.synthopia.com/Articles/
http://www.go-middlegroiler.com/ The End Thank you for listening to our
presentation. We hope you have learnt
alot about techno and its history
just as much as we did! :) The Begining of Their Love of Techno: LIGHTS: LIGHTS started her music career when
she was 11. She learned three chords on the guitar and really started to enjoy playing it. She then wrote her first song and then it changed her life forever. Owl City: Adam Young (a.k.a Owl City) suffered from insomnia before starting his career as an artist. He became popular by uploading his music onto MySpace. In 2007, Owl City made it's first CD named "Of June" and in 2008, he released "Maybe I'm Dreaming". Deadmau5: Joel Zimmerman (a.k.a Deadmau5)
started his career sometime around
1990 when he was influenced by
Chiptune Movement. Deadmau5 released
their first CD called Project 56 in 2005.
Fact: On July 30th 2010, Adam collapsed on stage and cancelled the following 9 concerts. Kevin Saunderson: Kevin was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1964. He became friends with two other students in Belleville High School. Later on after spending two years of football, he dicided to get together with his old high school friends. He gave up football for music. Thats when he created the music "Techno" and was declared the creator of Techno.
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