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Real Game - Electrical Engineer

Day in a life of an Electrical Engineer

Saswata Gupta

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Real Game - Electrical Engineer

My Real Game Presentation Electrical Engineer Feilds most electrical engineers specialize in one field such as: communications Salary Trainee...................$50,000--$60,000
Intermediate Engineer.....$60,000--$90,000
Senior Engineer...........$80,000--$120,000
Manager/Senior Partner....$100,000-$150,000 The reason i chose nuclear is because it is a very eco-freindly sources of electricity I'm an Intermediate
Engineer I earn $80,000
per year Career My career in more detail When I'm not designing, I'm usually doing maintenance on the machines Then I fixed non-functioning machines Leisure Time So during my leisure time
(4:00-8:00 P.M) 3 hours resting Budget Gross Income: $80,000 Net Yearly Income:$60,000 Net monthly Income: $5,000 All my monthly expendetures combined both combined is $ 2,465.44 Have around $2,500 left electrical equipment manufuacturing power generation, transmission and distribution What I do I would fit in the electrical equipment manufacturing I help design machines in power plants What are
Electectrical Engineers uses mathamateics and science expertise may fix problems that has to do with electricity to produce transmit and distribute electricity needs experience with circuits moniter equipment in power plants such as the machine that distributes the electricity I specialize in nuclear power plants Education minimum required is a bachelors degree in electrical engineering for higher positions, become a profesional engineer (P.Eng) by passing the professional examination. For managing electrical businesses you need an MBA and the ones discussed before sometimes I help build Then i got promoted and now I design machines in Nuclear power plants Before I became an Intermediate Engineer, i was a trainee I get 28 hours of leisure time in a week While working 40 hours a week 7 hours watching TV 5 hours going out to places like the cineplex The rest (13 hours) is used for things that come up. Usually there is a problem at the power plants so I have to go help including house rent and transportation is $1,615.44 All my savings combined including rainy day fund and retirement is $850 Follow your heart By picking this career and making it eco freindly Change is
Constant Whenever I get a harder job, I have to be prepared for the change Focus on the Journey Have to focus or a slight mistake might turn into a devistation Access your Allies All my projects are with a team making it alone is very hard Learning is Ongoing Technology is always changing and I have to adapt to it when making my machines THANK YOU FOR LISTENING
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