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Selena Gomez as Salamanca Hiddle

No description

on 1 January 2014

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Transcript of Selena Gomez as Salamanca Hiddle

Walk Two Moons Cast
Annasophia Robb as Phoebe Winterbottom
Annasophia Robb not only looks a lot like Phoebe, she also seems like she could be very crazy and imaginative. She has the same round face and blond hair as Phoebe.

"She had a pleasant round face and huge, enormous sky-blue eyes. Around this pleasant round face, her hair--as yellow as a crow's foot--curled in short ringlets. ( Pg 13)
Betty White as Gram
While Betty White may not look exactly like Gram may have been pictured, her personality seems to be spunky, peculiar, and out-there, just like Gram's. Betty White is just as funny and childish as Gram is.

"My grandparents Hiddle were my father's parents, full up to the top of their heads with goodness and sweetness, and mixed in with all that goodness and sweetness was a large dash of pecliarity." (Pg 6)

Billy Crystal as Gramps
Billy Crystal is the perfect actor to play Gramps because he is funny and strange, but can be very loving and caring, too. He looks like he could be related to Sal as well.

"My grandparents Hiddle were my father's parents, full up to the top of their heads with goodness and sweetness, and mixed in with all that goodness and sweetness was a large dash of pecliarity." (Pg 6)
Though she doesn't look exactly ordinary,Elizabeth Banks looks very motherly and the type of person who would make pies and fold laundry. She has Mrs. Winterbottom's long curly blonde hair and pleasant face, too.

"Even though she had a pleasant, round face and long, curly yellow hair, the main impression I got was that she was used to being plain and ordinary..." (Pg 31)
Selena Gomez as Salamanca Hiddle
Selena Gomez should play the role of Sal because she has long dark hair and an almost Native American look. She fits how I pictured Salamanca in the book.

"'What lovely hair,' she said..." -Margaret Cadaver (Pg 10)

"'Don't you ever cut it?' they said. 'Can you
sit on it? How do you wash it?Is it naturally
black like that? Do you use conditioner?'" -
Sal's classmates (Pg 12)
Elizabeth Banks as Mrs. Winterbottom
Jude Law as Mr. Winterbottom
Jude Law has the look that could be 52 or 38 years old. He looks very serious and could definitely be a Father with a capital F.

"And Mr. Winterbottom was playing the role of Father with a capital F. He sat at the head of the table with his white shirt cuffs rolled back neatly. He still wore his red-and-blue-striped tie." (Pg 31)
Julia Roberts as Margaret Cadaver
Julia Roberts looks the way I imagined Margaret Cadaver. She has the red hair that looks like Phoebe would imagine it as spooky.

"'And that red hair--don't you think all that sticking-out red hair is spooky?'" -Phoebe Winterbottom. (Pg 23)

"...a lady with wild red hair stood there." (Pg 1)

Patrick Dempsey as Sal's Father
Patrick Dempsey seems casual and his demeanor is laid back yet hard-working and kind like Sal's father.

"...he is also kind, honest, simple and a good man." (Pg 107)

"My mother was right when she said my father was good. He was always thinking of the little things to cheer up someone else." (Pg 108)
Ashley Judd as Sugar
I imagined Sugar as a pretty dark-haired "Mom" figure. Ashley Judd is very pretty and has the kind features I saw in Sugar. She also has the same dark eyes and hair as Salamanca so she is perfect for the role of Sugar.

"My mother's hair had been long and black
like mine..." (Pg 92)
Alexander Ludwig as "The Lunatic"
The actor Alexander Ludwig should play the role of Mike Bickle, "The Lunatic", because he looks like he could be related to Mrs. Winterbottom and the right age for this part.

"...a young man who looked about seventeen or eighteen..." (Pg 42)

"...his hair was curly and mussed, and there were bright pink circles on his cheeks." (Pg 43)

Logan Lerman as Ben Finney
Logan Lerman should play the role of Ben because he has a similar personality and looks as Ben. He has the same sweet and caring personality and though he doesn't have Ben's dark eyes, he has hair the way I imagined Ben's to be.

"...starring at me with his black, black eyes. They looked like two sparkly black discs set into big, round sockets. His dark eyelashes were long and feathery, casting shadows on his cheeks." (Pg 48)
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