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What exactly is a firework?

No description

Miranda Munro

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of What exactly is a firework?

Firework Web Quest

Q: What exactly is a firework?

A: A rocket in its simplest form. It’s a tube of rocket fuel that when burned produces gases that are forced from the rocket. Chemicals in the nose of the rocket explode to produce colors.
Q: Where and when were the first fireworks invented?

A: 1st century A.D. in China
Q: Who were the first Europeans to master fireworks?

A: It is believed that Italians were.
Q: What type of simple chemical reaction occurs in fireworks?

A: Combustion reactions.
Q: What are the components of black powder? What are the ratios of these components?

A: Potassium Nitrate, Charcoal (carbon), and sulfur. The ratio of the components of black powder are 75:15:10 by weight.
Q: What are the processes that cause fireworks to emit light? What chemistry and physics happens in the atoms?

A: Incandescence (black body radiation), atomic emission and molecular emission.
Q: What types of elements are responsible for the colors of fireworks?

A: Metallic compounds.

Q: What is responsible for the whistling sound that often accompanies fireworks?

A: The whistle sound is produced when the oxidizer and organic salt burn a layer at a time and emit gas in spurts.

Q: What are the component parts of modern fireworks? What does each part do?

A: A launch tube, lift charge, fuse, black powder, break, stars, and time delay fuse.
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