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Business Management Department TA Orientation

No description

Tala Sao

on 6 December 2017

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Transcript of Business Management Department TA Orientation

Business Management Department TA Orientation
Who are we?
ice breaker
1. Identify your role as a TA
2. Improve your communication skills
job descriptions
youtube video/ communication
What is office etiquette?
Teaching Assistant
Office Assistant
post test
Answer emails as fast as you can and possibly within 24 hours.
Avoid to talk about politics
Don't gossip at workplace
Don't involve in private conversation
Don't give away too much personal information
Use appropriate language
Don't use the phone especially during the meeting turn off the phone.
Have a sense of working in diversity

Your co-workers constantly want to talk to you when you are working and you cannot get any work done.
Office etiquette refers to an unwritten code employees should follow in order to be
in the workplace
Who are you?
Ari: HR Major, Communications Minor
Lote - HR Major
Tala - HR Major, Video & Photography Minor
Teacher Assistants for the Business Management Department
(HTM, Finance, Operations, etc)
Why did we choose the Business Management Department and TAs?
How did the training go?
Obstacles (time, Great Ideas, and participation of TAs)
What went well (more TAs than planned and participation during training)
Your professor continually makes changes to the tutoring session time without talking to you first. Most of the times he sets are at the same time as your class schedule. Your fear and frustrations stop you from addressing the issues to your professor.
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