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Characterization of Charlie Gordon

No description

Sevgi Can

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Characterization of Charlie Gordon

Here is something small... Characterization of
Charlie Gordon An Example: Physical Appearance
1. Short Brown Hair
2. Very tall
3. Blue eyes
4. Wears blue plaid shirt
5. Long Khaki pants Quotes
-"I'm afraid Miss Kinnian
will laugh at me"July 25
-"It's slipping away June 30
like sand through my fingers"
-"Its easy to make frends if you let
pepul laff at you. Im going to
have lots of frends where i go" -July 28 Actions
-Develops feelings
-Races Algernon
-Learns languages
-Studies constantly
-Writes progress reports Phrases
-Miss Kinnian seems younger
-I hate Algernon
-Maybe the workers wanted
me gone
-Maybe the doctors aren't
that smart Motivations and goals
-Try to not forget what he learned
-To find out what made Algernon
strange Changes in character
-Finds out how rudely people treated
-He feels like everyone around him
is dumb. Reactions
-Workers signed a petition
to get rid of Charlie.
-Made him get drinks and
ditched him
-Workers at the factory
were scared of him
-Teased him when they
hung out By:Jenna Lockman and
Sevgi Can I am Charlie Gordon at 200+ IQ
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