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Boar's Hunt

No description

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Boar's Hunt

Jose Vasconcelos
The four Men Start off antagonist and become protagonist when boars attack.

The Boars start off protagonist then turn antagonist when the four men attacked them.

The minor characters are the indians because they decided to go hunting but wasn't really talked about in the story.
Point of View
The point of view in "The Boar Hunt" is first person because it uses I and me. There are lots of examples for the point of view.
The Boar Hunt
The story is about four people going to south America and they went there because they are going to hunt boars. They search for a camp site and come across a pack of boars. They shout at some and more came. The men notice they are running low on ammo.
The Boar Hunt takes place in the not to distant past, in a remote, unexplored jungle in Peru.
Plot structure
Four men in South America start to go hunting.
1.They find a spot with many boars and decided to attack them

2. They boars start attacking and they hunters waste their ammo shooting.
Rising Action
Literary Devices
"It was as if primitive nature called us to her breast." Simile Pg. 158
Tone and Mood
Tone The author talks about how he doesn't enjoy people hunting for pleasure
Mood: The story makes us feel angry and upset to people who hunt
The theme f r "The Boar Hunt is that recklessness and greed can cause one's demise. Don't kill animals for pleasure
Kevin: " This book is very interesting, I like the twist ending and how its described in the story
Angel: " This story is interesting, i like when they were killing the boars and m re boars came after them.
Aireana "It was a good story. I liked the message it sent about hunting animals for your pleasure."
Anthony- " The story was great.
I enjoyed every minute of it. "
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