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The Inverted Pyramid Structure

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Transcript of The Inverted Pyramid Structure

The Inverted Pyramid Structure
"The Lead"
Top of the pyramid
Most important information (Must know this information in order to understand what happened)
Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
Example of "The Lead"
Should be approximately 30 words and only 1-2 small paragraphs.
May include a "hook" or an interesting way to have the reader's attention.
"The Body"
Middle of the pyramid
Less important information (Additional information that helps in understanding but is not essential.)
Expansion of the topic
Example of "The Body"
"The Tail"

Metaphor used by journalists and other writers to present how information should be structured in a text.
Example of "The Tail"
The bottom of the pyramid
Least important information (Information that is interesting or just nice to have)
Related items
Extra context in editorials: The assessment of the journalist
quotation marks
Evidence, background, details
May include quotes, videos, pictures, etc.
1. What is the most important part of the inverted pyramid called?Why?

2. How did the telegraph play a factor in the creation of the inverted pyramid?

3.Why is the most important information at the beginning?
This format is effective because the reader can stop at any point and still know what it was about without any details.
Conducts readers through details of the story
The information least important for a reader to understand is later in the story.
Historians do not agree on when it was that the form was created.
There was a lot of money that was spent in telegraph costs by newspapers which lead to the creation of this form.
Three parts of the inverted pyramid structure: "The Lead, The Body, & The Tail."
It goes from order of most to least important information.
The structure is used by journalists to keep the story in the newspaper interesting while still demonstrating the most important parts.
Gives three sections("The Lead,The Body,The Tail") that leads to writing an article in the newspaper.
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