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Prezi Techniques Review

No description

Brittney-Ann Wolf

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Techniques Review

Prezi Techniques Review
More Techniques
Transformation Tool enables you to manipulate objects such as editing text and moving objects
Zoom feature that enables you to move in closer or out further from the canvas
Hand Icon enables you to move objects
Home Icon gives you an overview of the complete canvas
Edit Button-icon used to activate Edit mode
Star Button- icon used to animate within a frame
Even More Techniques and things
Frames and Arrows are objects that become part of the path in Prezi
A path is the planned movement throughout the Prezi canvas
Animation only plays at a particular path point
Present Mode plays the entire length of the Prezi
Pan is a feature that enables you to move up and down and right and left
just a few more techniques and stuff
Embedded videos cause considerable increase in storage size
Templates are accessed by selecting "New Prezi"
Prezi relies on an internet connection
Google used by default in Prezi to locate pictures
Explore Page provides a place to find a reusable Prezi and the "Save a Copy" for yourself
Themes Button-Allows you to change a theme back to the original format
Check the box for "Show only images licensed for commercial use" to prevent searching for copyrighted graphics
Advanced Button enables you to change the font color by assigning an RGB code
Wizard Button changes the font style and color within a Prezi theme
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