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Facebook in Education

Overview about how social media can be used to support learning in schools.

Lisa Nielsen

on 30 October 2011

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Transcript of Facebook in Education

Doing what is most CONVENIENT for parents and educators
is usually not
what is RIGHT for students. Students deserve schools where educational leaders… Not Ban & Block Empower & Prepare Should we ignore what we know? Or
our responsibility to keep students safe and prepared. If we are afraid to take the path. See what happens when educators are brave enough to empower and prepare elementary school students! It just takes one brave writer… And one brave teacher… To globally re-envision the way we work… Status Updates Students synthesize information from a lesson and update the class status. Event Invitations Invitations are sent through Facebook for class events.
Parents RSVP, get important information, ask questions, have disussions. Notes Use notes for important alerts and easy two-way communication. Pictures Capture, showcase, and celebrate students at work. Private messages are akin to email but to parents don’t have to log into anything else. Private Messages Student Work A great way to share work that students are doing in class. Video Capture & share video of student work and projects
Parents and students can comment.
Capture key lessons for review and parent view into learning. Students & Parents communicate while at school. Perfect for that moment when a student really wants to share something they’re excited about. See what happens when educators are brave enough to empower and prepare secondary students! Learning Portal Secondary students at The Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia explain why they like connecting with teachers on Facebook. Incidences of inappropriate teacher-student relations – in four years… 0 Relationship development is key to student success.
Why are we panicking when it’s online? Social media doesn't cause inappropriate
It catches it. Are we afraid of what we will find?
Address the behavior.
Don't scapegoat the platform. I captured and published student reasons for prefering facebook in school.
This is what it looks like. Reaching out to a student in need of words of encouragement Encouragement Support Use Chat for instant homework support from teachers or classmates You can get your assignments even when you’re out sick. Make up work on demand Mobilize in an instant. Even on a snow day. No physical limitations Share Passions Discover, connect, and celebrate with others who share your passions. Even when students graduate or transfer you can always stay connected. Never lose touch “Hey Ms. Nielsen, I had to find you because you made a wonderful impact on my life. If people only knew how great of a teacher you are.”

“I know it’s been at least 10 years since you took me under your wing.”

“Let’s talk, I got a lot to say!” Celebrate success Shout out to students and teachers. Students prefer using the tools of their real world for real world learning. This is what it looks like. a tool to help students find their sentence! a tool to help students find their sentence! How are you empowering students to use social media to create a digital footprint that will lead to academic, social, and career success? Are you helping your students create a digital footprint that will help them be someone that:
A school wants?
An employer wants?
Someone wants to date? Are you helping your students analyze and control what they stand for in their social media interactions? How are you supporting your students in curating their life online? The digital footprint begins when life begins.
It is the new school application and resume. How will you ensure your students make the cut?
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