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Norte Chico Timeline

No description

giu gallassi

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Norte Chico Timeline

Canals & fishing
1,800 B.C.e.
3,000 B.C.e
Norte Chico
Peaceful Tribe
Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and way of life.
Shamanic teachings focus on our connection to nature and all of creation.
People started moving North to find more fertile lands
Textile and irrigation knowledge was taken with them
Probably inspired other civilizations (found evidence of very similar canals in later Peruvian civilizations)
Party-like meetings with music and alcohol.
Only members of the high society would participate.
The development of the civilization was mostly thanks to the canals they developed for irrigation and fishing.
The canals irrigated the cotton plantations using river water.
Combined knowledge between textiles and canals to create fish traps.
- Big fishing nets made of cotton
for catching anchovies and sardines.
No evidence that there were any weapons of any kind.
There also was no evidence of defensive structure and mechanisms.
Used hallucinogens.
Might have believe in staff god?
Work cited
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