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My Friends

No description

Kelly Foo

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of My Friends

Lisa Peony is from 4C. She wore spectacles and have long hair tied into a pony tail. She is my best friend since Primary 1. Although we are not in the same class, our relationship is still very good. Peony Shan Shan is from 4A. She wore a pair of white plastic spectacles. She have one elder sister named Lim Bing which is currently in 6A. Shan Shan Glenda Glenda is from 4A. She have short hair and she is a prefect. She wore a pair black spectacles and have two sisters named Sandra and Kendra. she is my best friend since Primary 3. Regine Regine is also from 4A. She is my new best friend. I think that she is very kind and helpful. She is also a prefect. Me, Regine and Glenda would always do our duty together. Lisa is from Taiwan. She is also from 4A. Although she is not my so called best friend, but our mothers are. I knew her since she was Primary 1. Now, in school, during recess, we would always sit together with Shan Shan, Regine, Glenda and her two twin sisters. My Friends
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