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Dandelion Marketing

No description

Becca Wisely

on 17 October 2010

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Transcript of Dandelion Marketing

Dandelion Marketing Metrics Bets How to increase your odds of "going viral" Developing a strategy... A meta analysis:

Choosing your social networking tools or "bets"
Targeting the right audiences (social market segmentation)

1. Facebook
2. Blogging and mailing
3. Twitter
4. Gmail accounts
5. Flicker
6. Skype Social Market Segmentation Depends on:
- language
- degree of interest in the topic
- how closely you are associated with the target market 1. Number of clicks on the link to Jeremy's e-book.
2. Comments or other type of feedback.
3. Responses to marketing scheme (like becoming a member on the Facebook group) Facebook Flickr Twitter Gmail Our Snipr URL http://sn.im/vhbh2 Our Snipr Stats Unique Clicks = 58
Clicks = 81 a facebook group
a facebook wall post Reaching out with emails and blogging
http://jcuatautiparla.blogspot.com/ huihikhjk
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