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Digital Age Teaching Professionals

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Chris Irvine

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Digital Age Teaching Professionals

by Chris Irvine Digital Age Teaching Professionals How I Design and Develop Digital-age learning experiences and assessments.

* I try to use the limited computer lab time I have to extend the learning in the classroom rather than just play with new programs
* I consider my intention to embed constructivist, situated learning principles into my lessons FIRST.
* I consider my learners, their age, interests and needs when designing experiences
* I build in opportunities for collaboration
* I include rubrics and discuss them at all intervals of the activity, to provide feedback and guidance
* I have my students collect their artifacts in eportfolios I model digital age work and learning

* I am taking Ed tech courses and share my new learnings and challenges with my students
* I use a classroom website to communicate with students and parents
* I communicate via email
* I am on the district tech committee, which is focused on communication about tech and education in our district
* I share my excitement for technology and education with my peers and students
* I show enthusiasm for new tech advances that students wish to share with the class, for example, Ted talks. I promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility

* I teach my students how to check the terms and conditions of website use
* I teach my students about copyright laws and how to give credit to others online. I do not accept work that has not been referenced correctly.
* I discuss online bullying and include this in family life lessons
* I emphasize the permanence of print and explain the consequences of breaking laws about the treatment of others.
* I require students to read the "Rules of Engagement" before they begin working with social media. I engage in professional growth and leadership

* I am the pro-d chair at my school
* I have taken many tech oriented pro-d courses
* I encourage others to consider tech as a good use of their pro-d time
* I offer workshops on new programs in use in our school, for example Discovery Education and Mathletics. Inspiring Student Learning and Creativity

* I start with where we are going and why
* I provide a meaningful task with a real life problem to solve
* I give students choices in how they learn and who they learn with, from individual to small group instruction
* I allow students choices in how they show what they know
* Once a term I have students do inquiries on any topic which they present to the class.
* I ask my students what they care about and encourage them to incorporate their experiences into new learnings. Key Skills and Approaches to Help Me Meet My Goals:
* Skills: using LMS to encapsulate the entire classroom learning and assessment system, in effect becoming paperless and with much more student and parent involvement in assessment
* How to create and use collaborative learning in a meaningful way that can be used for formative assessment and is connected to learning outcomes.
* Using constructivist learning approaches whenever possible and learning how to balance activities to meet the needs of diverse learning styles.
* Continuing to learn how to combine blogging with eportfolios How ETEC 565 Can Help Me:

* Web Publication: if what is meant by this is creating sites, using blogs etc. then I have tried out quite a few of these platforms and find Weebly to be the best for elementary classes. I have created a website as a group project and learned quite a bit about how to do that, but am by no means an expert. My webpages seem to fizzle out quite quickly, mostly due to time constraints and lack of motivation on my part. They just don't "grab me". I am hoping that something will compel me to use my sites more.

* Moodle: I know a little bit about moodle but am hoping to learn much more. I am curious to know if it is similar to the products BC is investigating for teachers, such as student information products, BCESIS has been a disaster, but there are some promising alternatives. Are these the same as LMS?

* Online communication tools: I have used google drives, wikis, email, and others but would like to know how LinkedN works and if email is still adequate.

* Community and Collaboration Tools: definitely a weak area for me, I'm all ears!

* Multimedia: these have been really useful for my age group and I would like to check out alternatives to prezi and powerpoint, and webquests.

* Social media: I need to be convinced that this is an area to delve into in education. Some things should stay recreational or it pollutes both professional and social purposes.
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