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Ethical climates

Group role-playing exercise on ethical organizational climates

Nancy Wingo

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Ethical climates

5 groups Choose a leader Instrumental Caring Law and Order Rules Independence 5 ethical climates Type of institution Humanitarian organization
Insurance/healthcare organization Automaker Higher education K-12 institution Name of organization Core values Core purpose statement Reward systems ($ and non-$) Decision-making rights, responsibiliies Performance evaluation process Zero-tolerance statements Church Ethical Climate: Law and Order Name: Our Lady of the Knuckle-beaters Core Values: We value Law and Order. Therefore we will:
Excommunicate anyone who does not meet our standards
Worship by being quiet, respectful, structured, and starting promptly and ending on time
Appoint leaders and followers, and followers rarely become leaders
Reward Systems ($ and non-$):
We expect a 10% tithe from every
member. This is based on your gross
income, as shown on your tax return.
Followers who tithe will benefit
from a state-of-the-art rec center that is
open 24/7. The body is a temple
Your non-monetary reward is your
assurance of salvation.

Rights: The leadership staff will make all decisions. Ultimately, a final decision lies with the senior pastor.
Responsibilities: Every member will be expected to make decisions based on the 10 commandments and other Biblical edicts
Flock performance
Based on attendance,
baptism, tithes,
evident self-sacrifice

Zero-tolerance statements:
No sexual deviation in any form
Eating shellfish on the 4th Tuesday
after the full moon is strictly prohibited
Thou shalt not fail to shake hands with
any congregational brethren

Building an Ethical Organizational Climate
Josh Carter, Gaye Wilson, & Nancy Wingo Staff performance evaluation:
Staff cannot show frailty or weakness
Staff will be available at all times to meet the needs of the flock
No member of the staff shall demonstrate any excessive vice such as gluttony or greed
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