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Modern Construction Methods

Using one large image

kim vollerthun

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Modern Construction Methods

Wowing template. Click through in 20 steps.
Recycling of Waste
Sustainable Construction Methods
Use of Green field sites
Land which has previously been developed
Brownfield Sites
Sorting Rubbish
Insulation material
Double Glazing
Draft exclusion
Prefabrication Methods
Timber frame Buildings
Why this and not Bricks?
Here you use timber studs clad with external plywood to form panels.
Steel channel framed
Steel channels are used to form panels
The steel panels are clad from the outside to form a building
Sustainable Materials
How far are the materials transported
How harmful are they to produce
Can they be recycled at the end of the buildings lifetime?
Aaron, Karl Halls and Josh
Ilia, Max, Charlie and Richmond
Joe, Evan, Michael and Carl
Jake, John and Daniel
Jason, Anthony and Kyle

You need to design a wall display on which you advertise
a construction company and the sustainable building
technologies that they use

Extension task: Explain why the company is using these

Include Images, drawings writing
At the end of this lesson you:
Know the meaning of a “sustainablebuilding”
Name two sustainable building techniques
Recognise the importance of the use of sustainable building techniques
Some students will be able to justify the use of sustainable building
Techniques instead of the traditional ones

Sustainable building:
A building designed to be
environmentally friendly
throughout its lifecycle
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