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Success in Online Learning

Online student workshops

Keri Dozier

on 15 May 2012

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Transcript of Success in Online Learning

Student Accounts and Login:
Blackboard Technical Skills:
Connect to the Internet
Use Email
Send and receive attachments
Word Processing
Working with files Software Requirements Books and Materials Assessment and Testing Getting Started! Orientation and Communication Hardware Requirements
PC or Apple
Speakers/Microphone/Headset Web Browser
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer Virus protection Microsoft Office Adobe Acrobat Quicktime
or RealPlayer Java Student Resources Check your syllabus to see if your class requires proctored testing. You can login to your course
by the first day of class. http://www.fscj.edu http://bb9.fscj.edu http://www.fscj.edu/mydegree/distance-learning/index.php http://studygs.net/ Study Skills and Survival Tips Read your Syllabus closely
Login the first week of class
Participation ATTENDANCE Read all folders in the "Orientation"section of your course site.
Call or Email your professor throughout your class; always include all your information. Success in Online Learning Digital Materials http://www.fscj.edu Evaluate Your Course http://www.fscj.edu PowerPoint Viewer http://www.fscj.edu/mydegree/distance-learning/accounts.php http://www.fscj.edu/mydegree/distance-learning/textbooks.php http://www.fscj.edu/mydegree/distance-learning/online-courses/technical.php
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