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Prezi on HBP

Eashan Garg

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Hypertension

HYPERTENSION I IN 3 American Adults suffer from it 1 in 5 Don't know they have it THE AVERAGE NUMBER OF DEATHS DUE TO IT IN 2009 ADD UP TO... 100K? 200K? 300K? 348K+ deaths!!!!! WHAT IS THIS MYSTERY DISEASE???? WHAT'S HBP????? HBP occurs when your blood pressure is higher than normal. Where you want to be: Where you don't want to be: The Diastolic number represents the pressure on your blood vessels between beats, or when your heat is resting. THE SYSTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE IS THE PRESSURE ON YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE WHEN YOUR HEART IS BEATING, USUALLY THE HIGHER NUMBER HBP ALSO LEADS TO OTHER COMPLICATIONS STROKE CHRONIC HEART FAILURE HEART ATTACK 69% of people who had a first heart attack have hbp! 77% of all people who have a first stroke have hbp. 74% of people with chronic heart failure have hbp. HBP IS A LIFESTYLE DISEASE THIS MEANS THAT THE ROOT CAUSE OF HBP IS NO ONE BUT YOURSELF!!!! HAVING AN UNHEALTHY DIET AND STAYING OVERWEIGHT CAN INCREASE YOUR RISK OF DEVELOPING HBP. Don't take in too much sodium!!! ALSO, PHYSICAL INACTIVITY CAN LEAD TO SEVERE HYPERTENSION ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND SMOKING CAN ALSO LEAD TO HBP. ALSO COMMONLY KNOWN AS HBP PREVENTION Cuz that's important too... THE KEY TO PREVENTION EAT A HEALTHY DIET! Reducing the average sodium intake by only 2,300mg could reduce the cases of HBP by 11 million STAY ACTIVE AND MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WEIGHT! REDUCE ALCOHOL AND DRUG USE! GET REGULAR BLOOD PRESSURE CHECKS FROM YOUR DOCTOR OR ON YOUR OWN. REMEMBER, MAKE GOOD CHOICES, AND BEAT HBP! BIBLIOGRAPHY IMAGES:
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