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Stereotypes of the "wild west"

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Hannahde Haines

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Stereotypes of the "wild west"

We believe that the west is just desert lands in the middle of know where. We also believe that the only people who live out there are cowboys, who wrangle wild horses, pigs, and cattle. We also think that there are people who do drawls in the middle of town and the men are always drinking at the tavern.

"wild west"
A common image of an indians was a dark skinned tribal warrior that rode horses. Another stereotype was that indians were just wild natives that fighted everybody and hunted animals. We also believed that they lived in teepees and did cultural dances all the time.

There are many false stereotypes of how the life in the old west was. When a child hears the word cowboy today they automatically think of a ruff man with spurs on his boots walking into a saloon and asking whiskey and shooting a bad guy.
We think that all around the west is just a bunch of dessert land with tumble weed everywhere. We believe that tumble weed rolls across the dessert in the west and it symbolizes nobody lived there and its in the middle of knowhere.
Tumble Weed
Reality of the West
This was not at all the typical life style of a cowboy in the west. The majority of the time for a cowboy was lonely days on a horse with tons of cows. Being a cowboy was often very boring and lonely never as exciting as T.V., books, and movies make their lives seem. Most cowboys never killed a man in their life. Most of the cowboys in the old west lived very poor lifestyle’s and did a lot of hard rigorous work.. Life in the west was not at all how media makes it look today.
Reality of a Cowboy
Many conflicts were occurring as people moved further onto the lands occupied by Native American tribes. The people moving onto to these lands claimed the land as their land. The Native American didn't believe that anyone could own land. They believed the land was there for everyone to use and enjoy.

Reality of a Indian
Many legends have come out of the Old West, but none as big as the outlaws. Some of the most famous outlaws were: Billy the Kid, Belle Starr, Bill Doolin, Black Bart, Dalton Brothers, Jesse James, Frank James, Curly Bill, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Some of the famous lawmen were: Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, Pat Garrett, Wild Bill Hickok, and Bill Tilghman.

Reality that people live in the west.
The American west had all sorts of people including pioneers, business people, scouts, lawmen, outlaws, gangs, gunslingers, and cowboys. Most of these people had one thing in common... they were looking for an opportunity and they weren't afraid of adventure
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