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No description

Armando Leal

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of People

Team Diversity
Fun Facts

Fun Stuff
Story Telling
Building the Extraordinary
Don't overlook the importance of diversity

Consider the various cultures

Director 3-5min.,
Thinker 5-7 min.
Relator 7-9 min
Socializer 9-15 min
Why are we here?
Thinking Differently
Avoid Team Burnout
Building Teams
Culture, Diversity, Inclusion, Skills & Passion
Marker Caps
Example of frustrating events

Personality Assessment - (86% accurate)

Choice may change depending on your situation
Use this as gauge to determine how to approach others
Don't use the categories as excuse to limit yourself
Determine the differences in your team members & consider what motivates each one of them to work at their peak performance

Know your Team
Indian Chief
Important Points
--- Passion ---

Their Communication
Their Development
Team Building
Challenges growing companies face
Team/Dept. cohesiveness
Improved communication
Relaying information
Strengthening People
Using your Team Skills
Benefits to culture
& Diversity
Story Time
Doing things because we've always done them this way.
Don't become so busy that you become narrow minded & do things the same way causing you to miss great opportunities
Training, explaining, & showing people how something is done doesn't always help.

Avoid frustration with items that seem easy to you and complicated to others.

Take time to understand their learning styles & adjust your approach.
Rope Activity
Dependent on other teams/depts.

Avoid forceful approach causing defensive reactions

Solutions may be in thinking outside the box, being patient & working together
Thomas Watson - IBM founder invests 1 million dollars in employees training
Top quality employee,
Extremely dedicated,
Someone who always triple checks his work, and
Lifer for the company
In race, ethnicity, gender, skills, experience, abilities
not only ethnic but department cultures such as engineering, accounting, legal, HR
DO NOT burn out trying to over manage to much without exploring your teams ability. To often one person is overwhelmed while another person feels limited in what they do.
Communication - Requires leaders to be involved

Successful Projects - Don't only come from a strong team. They come from the utilization of diverse skills and passion behind the work.

Development/Training - It's not only about the material but the manner in which the material is delivered.
We follow those who lead not because we have to but because we want to.
Leaders are followed not for them but for ourselves, because we believe in what they do and what they stand for.
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