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Global Charity Initiative

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lavi g.

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Global Charity Initiative

Canadian Women's Foundation
Canada's only foundation dedicated to giving women+girls a chance for a better life.
And the winner is....
SickKids Foundation
donations are what makes their research successful
the future of the kids depends on these donations (they experienced advanced technologies)
it's the main source of getting involved
we want give a child a chance to live a longer life because the future is in their hands
the more money we give, the more research will be done for finding new ways to cure diseases and illnesses
the money can be used to build more hospitals for children because there are long waiting lists for patients who want to be accepted for help
Global Charity Initiative
Michael Prosserman aka “Bboy Piecez” found his passion for break dancing at a very young age
at sixteen when he realized he wanted to share his positive self-expression
growing up, his mother was diagnosed with a mental illness , which caused Michael a lot of stress
Michael used dance to relieve this stress and et his passion guide his future
@ eighteen, Michael had begun to gain recognition and performed globally against many of the world’s top break dancers
he wanted to share this alternative education with other young people and expanded UNITY as a student club at York University
It was after a life altering revelation Michael decided to make UNITY his priority
Since 2007, UNITY has reached over 30,000 young people across Canada
Build community, stopping violence+ending poverty+empowering girls, focusing on girls+women
gather everybody who belies in gender equality
building on gender equality, improving economic+social conditions
believe that women+girls deserve better life
always focus on positivity, recognizing skills+supports, and build more
How do they help?
They use all of their donated money to fund programs.

Stopping Violence: emergency shelters, support programs, and effective follow-up programs

Ending Poverty: help women learn skilled trades, start smart businesses, get work experience

Empower Girls: want girls to believe in themselves and boost their confidence, have programs engaging their mind, body, and spirit, at risk girls explore science+technology, play sports, think critically, and take on leadership
About Unity
to improve and engage youth to become role models and leaders in there community
helping youth positively express their stress and develop skills
empower youth to make better choices
Vision &Values
To use artistic self-expression to make positive life choices leading to more productive citizens
What They Do:
Engage - youth to youth interactions with professional artist educators using modern art forms; include: break dancing, spoken word poetry, graffiti and beat boxing
Develop - skills to success which youth realize through connecting life skills to something they enjoy whether that be artistic or share personal experiences
Empower - youth to become community role models
Targeted audience - they serve disengaged youth ages 10-18, collaborating with youth artists through something they have in common; urban arts
SickKids Foundation

Everyone in unity must live and reflect positive traits
Mission: To inspired communities to invest in health and scientific advances to improve lives of children and their families around the world
Improving the health of children is the most powerful way to improve society
Get Involved
To Donate:
1. Join a Unity Program
2. Or A Unity Team
3. Support Unity With Donations
community support=critical source of funding
SickKids is the largest funder of childhealth research, learning and care in Canada
constantly finding new ways to prevent disease, cure illnesses and improve the lives of children
collaboration with healthcare organization in other countries
international partners with paediatric centres to develop training, research programs with experiences gained over years of experience
Angel Investor
25 youth role models
inspire 500 youth
safe school culture
Lead investor
urban arts program once a week for six months
over 30 youth are impacted in the community
Adopt a school
over 400 youth a Unity Day @ their school (full day)
1 school assembly and 8 in-class workshops
Role Model Investor
opportunities for youth to mentor
10 youth leaders
25 workshops
200 youth are inspired in the community
All started from 2 friend having a conversation on March 1986.
Nancy Ruth Jackman and Susan Woods (feminists) wanted to advance women's equality
Ruth+Rosemary Bloom (feminist politician talk about how women don't have enough support to change inequality system, wanted to focus on power, equality and money
What stops family+women violence, what takes women out of poverty, what takes females to fully embrace their power
Susan accepted contact with NaRuth Foundation, then had regular meetings, developing concept for charitable foundation, focusing on women+girls
Launched 1991, supported 1200+ community programs and all women shelters around Canada
Empower A Youth
2 youth get a platform to perform and share their story at a Unity Festival for around 1000 people
Classroom Mentor
Inspire a Youth
a youth gets an experience of a Unity Charity assembly
youth can connect with Canad's top urban artists
one class of 25 youth hands on workshop
Can donate to help them fund for all of these programs.

April, 12 - May, 11, 2014: Shop for Hope
shop at Winners or HomeSense for specific products, portion of proceeds help fund for these programs

Host an event: all money goes to charity, they can help plan
"SickKids Family"
Feb. 2011
- Scotiabank donated $1 million towards the IPP
- retinoblastoma
May 2011
- 25th annual SickKids Radiothon
Aug. 2011
- Government of Ontario invested $75 million in the Research & Learning Tower (750,000 square ft)
- $88.7 million for paediatric care, research and learning
- 262,000 people and companies made a donation
- Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure
- $1.3 million+ raised, 1400+ participants
- first ever event that was this big that was organized by SickKids

Get Involved
Donations, fundraising
Join the Miracle Club - allows you to donate monthly
Students (undergraduate & graduate) volunteer to complete internship, for the experience or for developing knowledge and skills
The Conaccord Gennuity Great Camp Adventure
-One day walk event (20km)
-Sept 28 every year
-Activities along the way for fundraising
-Fort York in Downtown, Toronto
Unity Charity
100,000+ patients per year
8600+ staff & researchers
1400+ hospital volunteers
70,000+ monthly donors
thousands of companies as donor
Who will receive the $5000? Will it be the Canadian Women's Foundation, SickKids Foundation, or UNITY Charity?

By: Tina, Joanna & Lavi
Tina Tran
Joanna Vong
Lavi G.
All of us did this
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