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Rashmi S

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of TWPSG7A

France and New France's Hierarchy
The War of 1812 took place 30yrs after the American Revolution.Even though it was Britain and United states problem,Upper and Lower Canada were sucked it with them.As were many other countries in eurpoe.Some very famous battles were fought in;Detroit[thanks to a ruse],Queenston heights[General Brock died],Bever Dams A.K.A Thorold[Laura Secord over heard plans to attack the British,she told the British of the plans and they readed themselves.Lundy's Lane[Heaviest casualties and blood shead on Canadian soil and in Canadian history] The war ended in 1815,two and a half years later.During the time of the war of 1812 the Napoleonic wars was going on.The British and french went to war because Napoleon Bonaparte wanted to challenge Britain's position as the leaing military power in the world.Thus, in 1799 the Napoleonic wars began.It ended in 1815.
The 7 year war 1756-1763
France and Britain were fighting again. This time,it lasted 7 years.James wolfe,lead an attack on the french.The first attack failed due to a lucky guess by the French commander.The second attack was more successful.He tricked the Commander into thinking he'd attack in the same place. Instead he chose a more risky approach.He decided to climb a steep cliff to attack Quebec.Though he faced extra obstacles like a brick wall.Eventually a battle did break out.James wolfe used a tactic called the thin red line.It's where the soilderes stand in 2 lines.One in the front and the other in the back.While the line in front shoots,the line in back reloads.Then while the line in front kneels down to reload,the on in back shoots.This worked effectively.Sadly James Wolfe died during this battle.Thank to him,that battle was a British victory.Thankfully the war ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
Fur Trade
Laura Secord{1775-1868}she over heard plans of an invasion on the British.Her husband was still recovering from his injuries so Laura decided to go early in the morning and tell James FizzGibbon.She traveled 32KM on foot.She arrived at an allied Mohawk camp.From there the Warriors took the exhausted Laura Secord to James.From there they prepared the warriors.They won the battle thanks to Laura's warning.
Sir Isaac Brock{1769-1812} He joined the army when he was 15 His family was wealthy but because he was the 8th son, he wouldn't get anything out of the estate.He was quickly promoted to major general.He was very well liked by his his men.He commanded successfully for many years regardless of near-mutinies and desertions.He successfully won battles like Detroit.He sadly died in battle at Queenston Heights in 1812.The British did however win that battle as well.
Tecumseh{1768-1813}He was the native american leader of the Shawnee.He like many other native americans opposed the United States and became a valuable alli to Britain.He with the help of many warriors, aided in the capture of Fort Detroit.Thanks to a clever ruse.He sadly died in the battle of the Thames.It is still undermined who killed him,many claimed to have killed the great warrior,Tecumseh.
Jacques Cartier{1491-1557} The french king, Francois I, sent Jacques Cartier to find riches and a route to Orient.Instead he went to Newfound Land.From there he met a group of first nations.At first during his stay he was friends with them and later on betrayed them.By that time he had to return to France.when he returned he explained to the awaiting Crown, the stories and riches he was told about during his stay with the first nations.Instead of delighting the king, it enraged him because Jacques didn't find any riches or a route to Orient.He never sailed for France ever again.But, a century later a colony was established thanks to Samuel De Chaplain who acted upon Jacques Cartier's idea.
The New commers wouldn't have survived with out the assistance of the first nations. The first nations were mainly divided into different branches.Here are a few examples of different branches; Montagnais,Algonquin,the Heron,and the Five Nation Iroquis. The Heron and Iroquis were rivials.Some first nations supported the French others [in the future] the British.Metis had an aboriginal parent and a european parent.First nations were dying due to the diseases and the settlers brought with them.Like small pox,cholera,typhus,and even influenza.Other thing the settler brought with them kill aboriginals too.Like brandy.Eventually they would all be taken advantage of and forgotten.
France had 3 kings during the 1600's.Henry IV,Louis XIII, and Louis XIV. At the top of the heap we have the king.Next is the Viceroy.Below the Viceroy is the Superior Council.The Superior Council is made up of the Governor,Intendant,Local Governor,Intendent's Sub-delegate and finally Captain of the Milita.At the very bottom of the heap are the settlers.
Bain Colin Canadian History 7 Pearson Canada
The 13 Colionies
The creation of Canada
At the time soldiers and carpenters were the top 2 occupations. Also about 36.7%[1181] women and 63.3% men [2043]in a village of 3215. There were always more men than women.
The British tried to please the people of Quebec so they would stay loyal to the crown.In 1776 the American Revolution took place.Thanks to the British pleasing the people of Quebec,they didn't turn against them.The Americans asked the people of Quebec to join them, and rebel against the British.They declined because they were content with the new rules the British said they'd enforce.The American Revolution ended in 1783.
The British raised the taxes on things like tea by passing the Suger Act.At the time people drank over a million$ in tea in a year.On December 16 1773, the sons of Liberty dressed up to look like indians.Then they climbed aboard a ship carrying tea. They dumped it overboard,ruining it. When the red coats arrived, the men had jumped over board. After that, anyone associated with the Boston tea party,would be "dealt with accordingly." This ultimately lead to the American revolution.
the end
At the time,furs/pelts were high in fashion. If you had something made of pelts you would qualify as rich because they cost a lot.The settlers traded pelts for things like brandy,guns,bullets ect.Soon,different branches of aboriginals were competing with each other to trade furs.Canada and United States were crawling with animals that were valuable.Some men married aboriginal women so they would get the best pelts.
Canada changed hands from France to Britain and finally became an independent country on July 1st 1867.After all the blood that had been split, and the 2 countries that wanted Canada to be an extension of there own countries. After all that, New France and British North America became extinct and Canada was born.Canada became an independent and well organized country.
The Loyalists were the people who opposed the american revolution. They supported the king.They were also known as Tories.As America grew into an independent nation, the loyalists were branded as traders, and shunned. They flocked into Ontario,Quebec and/or Nova Scotia where
they continued to support the king.
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