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Teaching Kids Nutrition, Not "1 More Thing"

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Nicole Ravana

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Kids Nutrition, Not "1 More Thing"

Progressive concepts:
- Food Groups
- Eat a Variety
- Trusted Sources
- Good Eating Habits
- Setting Goals
- Linking Food & Health
- Cross curricular
- Introduce one or two concepts
- Reinforce throughout the year
- "Sneaking" it in
Using teachable moments to chat about food:
- First few moments before class starts,
- Walking to lunch,
- Before and/or after lunch,
- In the cafeteria,
- At recess
Get EVERYONE involved.
- Individual example lessons outlined and aligned with the grade specific standards content.
- Can adapt to different grades levels.
- Resources on where to find more ideas.
- Consider classroom rewards;
- Look for cross curricular opportunities;
- Use class activities like tracking projects and goals;
- Be conscious of modeling & in-class eating occassions.
Focus on positive messages.
Stick to simple messages and build upon them.
Be experiential, fun, engaging, creative, inquiry based.
Talk about healthy habits and not weight.
Make lessons behavior based rather than just intellectual.
Don't label foods as "good" or "bad" but discuss moderation of all foods.
Make it personal.
Utilize other subject areas to reinforce nutrition lessons.

Foods served & fun activities that teach to the standards
Utilize homework activities that get families talking about healthy eating
habits as well as reinforcing the standards.
Tying in classroom lessons
Teaching Kids Nutrition
It's Not "One More Thing"
Nutrition Education in the Colorado Health Ed Standards
- Create a Common Vocabulary
- Think of these as Skills to practice
- Inquiry Questions within the school and home context
Grade Level Expectations
Skill-based Classroom Resources
Conversation Starters
Simple Lessons
Reinforcement & Modeling
Tips for Teaching Nutrition to Kids
Utilizing Wellness Strategies
Healthy Celebrations
Engaging Parents
Cafeteria as Classroom
Nutrition Ed is now required at every grade level.
Nicole Turner-Ravana, MS
Nutrition Coordinator, Poudre School District
Strategic Nutrition Communications LLC
- CO Health Ed Standards
- Classroom Strategies
- Integrating Wellness
- "This Is Me"
- Break-out Discussion:
Who Is Teaching Nutrition?
Why should we care about nutrition education?
Real Implications for Students:
- learning readiness
- habits get worse with age
- malnutrition & obesity
- less confidence/engagement in PA
- skill building
- what are our actions at school teaching?
Elementary Nutrition Education Resource Document
Hot Apple
Sample Lesson Templates Activity
- What did you have for breakfast today?
- How many vegetables did you eat at lunch?
- Do you drink milk at home?
Sample Lesson Templates
Thank You!
Being Effective, Prepared
Why animals shouldn't eat fast food
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