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Who was Jack the Ripper?

Y9 - KS3 History

David Rawlings

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Who was Jack the Ripper?

Who was Jack the Ripper?
Learning Intentions:
B: Identify 4 suspects.
S: Explain why each was a suspect.
G: Compare suspects and make a judgement on which you think was Jack the Ripper.
P: Evaluate how far each could have been Jack.
Use your iPad to can the crime scene.

Can you identify the 4 suspects?
Crime Scene Investigation
B: Scan the crime scene using aurasma and tap the clues to identify suspects.
S: Read the information to find out why each is a suspect.
G: Assess how far each suspect had the means, motive and opportunity for the murders.
P: Add a statement to show how far you think each suspect could have been responsible.
Success Criteria:
Suspect Line-up:
William Witney Gull
Walter Sickert
James Maybrick
Aaron Kosminski
Who was Jack the Ripper?
Lesson Aim: To assess 4 suspects in the case of Jack the Ripper.
Pick the suspect who you think was most likely to be Jack the Ripper and
research them further
, finding out more about their background, history and the reason why they might have been the Ripper.

(Resources for those who need help with research)
Learning Intentions:
B: Add descriptions of the victims to your investigation sheet.
S: Explain how each victim was killed using the accounts of the murders.
G: Highlight common features that describe the suspect.
P: Make a judgement on what sort of a person we are looking for.
Lesson Aim: To analyse the Ripper murders and identify criteria for suspects.
Task: Write a character profile for the suspect.

Are they male or female?
What do they look like?
Do they have any peculiar features?
Who was Jack the Ripper?
Learning Intentions:
B: Annotate each extract with the name of who they think was the Ripper.
S: Highlight and annotate the explanation for why they were the Ripper.
G: Annotate the extract with what you agree and disagree with, based on your historical knowledge.
P: Add to the opinion line, how far you agree with each extract.
Lesson Aim: To assess who historians think was Jack the Ripper.
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