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Book project

No description

Lindsay Driscoll

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Book project

Far From you
Book by: Lisa Schroeder

About the Author:
Lisa has lived in Oregon her entire life.
Lisa has a husband 2 sons a cat and a dog.
She likes the feelings of accomplishment after she finishes writing a book.
About the Author Continued:
Lisa likes to walk her dog, bake, go on trips with her family, read, play rock band, dance and sing to her ipod. Alice is the main character, of Far From you, she is sad, lonely, and she feels like an outcast in her own home.
Blaze is Alice's boyfriend, he supports her when everyone including her family ignores her. Victoria is Alices new step mother who Alice does not like. Ivy is Alices newborn half sister who Alice does not like either. The setting is in the 21st century, in the mountains in California. Problem/conflict
Alice can't wait till her family trip to see Victoria's parents is over. But what Alice doesn't know is they are going to be caught in a huge blizzard with Victoria and Ivy. Will she make it out alive even though she can't stand them? Or will they even make it out alive? One event is when Alice's mother dies of cancer then her dad gets married to Victoria. A third event in the story is when Victoria is pregnant and goes into labor with Ivy. Alice's dad and Vicoria go to the hospital and leaves Alice at home alone. A fourth event is on Blazes birthday they go out to dinner then Blaze wants to take their relationship to the next step, so Blaze rents a hotel room. Will they take their relationship farther than just kissing when they are hanging out or will they go farther? The second event is when Alice realizes that her name came from the book "Alice in Wonderland" because that was her mothers favorite story and it made Alice feel closer to her mother. Alice learned that everyone makes mistakes and to trust the people she loves even when she doesn't think they love her back. The last event is when Alice, Victoria, Ivy and Alices dad go to see Victorias family but Alice's dad has to leave early. On the way home Alice, Victoria, andIvy get caught in a blizzard and they have to learn to get along if they want to survive. Bibliography

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