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No description

Matt Baker

on 9 February 2018

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Transcript of Industrialists

- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil
- 3x5 Card
- Laptop

- I can determine the role of Industrialists in the Gilded Age

Table of Contents
Page: Industrialists

How did the Industrial Revolution create new opportunities in the US? How could it have been oppressive?
Industrialists Context
- Industrial Revolution gave rise to large businesses and factories
- Govt. & society not yet sure what to do with the rise of business
- Lassiez-Faire Capitalism
Good: Titans of Industry
- Helped build the US infrastructure
- Modernized the US economy
- Made the US the largest manufacturer in the world
- Often practiced philanthropy
Gospel of Wealth
Bad: Robber Barons
- Monopolized industries
- Ruthless competitors
- Mistreated workers
- Corrupt/Corrupted govt.
A History of Standard Oil
Research & Role Play
- Choose an industrialist from the hat
- Research the following info and put it on your 3x5 card:
- Industry they controlled
- Net worth
- How they built US up
- How they treated workers/competitors
- Interactions with govt.
- Fun fact
Meet and Greet
Walk around and meet your fellow Industrialists. Goal: Find a business partner. Be prepared to defend why you chose your partner at the end.

Qs to ask (maybe):
- What's your name?
- Which industry do you control?
- What have you done for the US?
- How do you treat your employees?
- How do you handle competition?
Writing Prompt
Were the Industrialists of the late 19th century Robber Barons or Titans of Industry? Why?
A Day
- Telephone: $360k
- Steel: $352k
- Camera: $175k
- Cars: $157k
- Railroads: $147k
- Lightbulb: $96k
- Planes: $50k
B Day
- Phone: $165k
- Lightbulb: $129k
- Steel: $125k
- Gatling Gun $125k
- Railroads: $105k
- Cars: $70k
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