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Music Genre Project

Holden 8 & Winton 8

K Bam

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Music Genre Project

Learn about a genre you like,
then teach the rest of us about it. Music Genre Project Start by choosing a genre Tips and Ideas 1. Choose your group. You may work independently, or in a group of 2-3 people.

2. Make a plan. Divide up the work so each group member knows what to do.

3. Decide what format your presentation will be.

4. Use the resources available on the music website
to find a genre you are interested in studying. You may do a traditional presentation using Power Point or Prezi (this is Prezi). Choosing the format of your presentation A list of online resources is available on the music website. Become good friends with this list. Resources Here's what you will need in your final project: Project requirements Choose a group you will be productive in. You may also decide to add a live performance, create a music video, write a song, make a skit, share some artwork, or find another way to supplement your final project. The list includes resources like Wikipedia (an open-source website), Last.fm (a site for finding music by genre), Billboard (the primary American music ranking system), and more. You may also find your own resources.
Check with Ms. Bamberger to verify that
your source is reliable. 1. Describe the key characteristics of your genre as it exists currently. What sets it apart from other genres? 2. Give 3-5 examples of songs within the genre. 3. Give 3-5 examples of artists/bands within the genre. 4. Share some information about the history of the genre. This can include historical facts, bands or genres from the past that inspired current music, or other information. You need at least 5 pieces of information. 5. Finally, tell us why you feel drawn to this genre. What makes it good? Choose a group with the same musical taste as you. Choose a genre you are familiar with. Find a way to insert some creativity into your final project. Make it interesting for you and for your audience!
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