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FGC Information for Children

No description

Ginny Flynn

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of FGC Information for Children

A guide to your
Family Group

Use these separate elements
Sometimes the adults may need to talk without you in the room,

But you’ll never be left on your own.
There may also be someone from school, health or your local Children’s Centre to say what they think and how they can help.
You can invite anyone who cares about you, this might be:

Close family,

Other relatives (including ones who live far away)

Friends or neighbours who feel part of the family.
If you have a social worker, they will need to come along to help everyone understand what the problems are and what they are worried about.
You can stay in the meeting to listen and talk,

or you can be in a room nearby,

........or a bit of both
You can talk to the co-ordinator and decide when and where the meeting will be.

It may be held at a place nearby, like a
Children’s Centre, or somewhere special to you,

but not at your home or in a Social Services building.
Welcome everyone!

The co-ordinator will welcome everyone, you can help with this if you want.

We will also make a group agreement to help everyone feel safe and make sure they have their say.

Private time

Then you and your family will be left in
private to talk and make a plan.

You can take as much time as you need and have as many breaks as you want.
Checking the plan

When the plan is ready, you can ask the co-ordinator to come back in.

They will help you to make sure that the plan has all the things in it that you all need to make it work.
Agreeing the plan

Next, everyone gets back together so you and your

family can talk through the plan you’ve made.

Your plan will be agreed so long as it keeps you

safe and answers the worries everyone spoke

about at the beginning.
Information sharing

Your Social Worker will talk about what is

happening in your family and what needs

to change to keep you safe and happy.

What if I feel shy or scared, or nervous?

It’s really important for you to have your say,

but if this is hard for you, your co-ordinator will

help to find ways of making it easier.

You can have someone who will spend
time with you before the FGC and can
help you think about what you want to say.

They are called an

They can be someone who is special to
you, someone from school or maybe the Children's Centre

"You were aloud to say what you

thought and you got to choose food

and what to say."
"It's ok to be scared &

nervous, but you shouldn't

really feel that way because

it can be fun & enjoyable"
The meeting can be at time

that is best for you and your family.

Even after school so you don't

have to miss it.

You and your family then go home

and carry out the plan you've made.

Your family and friends will help you.
After a few months we will all

come back together and see if

the plan has worked and if any

bits need changing.
You can make invitations for all the family and friends who are coming.
You can visit where the
FGC is going to be if you want.

So you know what the building and the room
looks like.

There will be snacks and you get to choose what you would like to eat and drink on the day.

"My best bit was eating food
and eating biscuits"
You can bring something that

makes you feel safe and happy,

like your favorite toy,


something to keep you busy if you

get bored like a book or I-pad.

An FGC is a meeting where you and your family get together to talk about any problems you may be having and think about how to sort them out.
The aim of the meeting is to come up with a Family Plan to make things better for you in the future.

The person who arranges the meeting is called a co-ordinator.

They are independent and separate from your social worker or school staff.

They make sure you and your family are prepared for the meeting and you are able to have your say.
Who arranges the meeting
What is a
Family Group Conference ?

Do I have to go?
It’s completely up to you whether you choose to come or not.

It’s also okay if you say no at first and then change your mind later.
Your Advocate can work with you to help you to

make pictures, write a letter, or record

yourself speaking to say how you feel.

They can come along to support you.

They can help you say what you want to say,

they can say it for you or

just sit with you.
What happens on the day?
Thanks for
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