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Constantine The Great

No description

Thomas Paul

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of Constantine The Great

Constantine The Great
Personal Data
This paragraph is about Constantine's personal data. Constantine the great was born on February 27 280 C.E. Naissus, Moesia and died in May 22, 337 C.E. Ancryona. His full name was Flavius Valerius Constantinus and his dad's name was Flavius Valerius Constantius. The name of his dynasty is called the Neo-Flavian dynasty because every Constantinian emperor had Flavius in their name.
He influenced many people and things. One of the influences that Constantine did was to the Christians of Rome. He saved so many Christians by eliminating the law of exucution for Christians. He let all residents of Rome have free religion. He influenced the modern world by creating freedom of relgion.
During Constantine's education he learned how to speak latin and greek transalators to speak in his hometown Thrace, Greece. He studied at the Court of Dieclcan He didn't have the highest literary standards of education for a royal child at the time. Little is known about his education.
Memorial Quotes
Constantine the great had many quotes. One of them is“How pleasing to the wise and intelligent portion of mankind is the concord which exists among you!” The next one I want to show you is
“Hence I am fully persuaded that everything is in the best and safest posture, since God is vouchsafing, through the influence of their pure and faithful religious service, and their unity of judgment respecting his Divine character, to gather all men to himself.” The last quote i'd like to show you is“For he who is Lord of all cannot endure that those blessings which, in his own loving-kindness and consideration of the wants of men he has revealed for the rise of all, should be perverted to serve the lusts of any. His only demand from man is purity of mind and an undefiled spirit; and by this standard he weighs the actions of virtue and godliness.”
All these facts prove that Constantine saved many christians from execution.He also respected all religions which makes him a great emperor. He changed the course of the ancient and modern ways without him our freedom of religion and many Christian lives wouldn't be here today. He also shows us to be bound to our religion. In his quotes it shows he was bound to Christianity. Here is a 2 minute video on Constantine the Great.
Name: Thomas Paul

Contact: No contact
Major Accomplishments
Constantine the great did many great accomplishments. He was the first Christain emperor of Rome. Constantine decided to build a new city on the site of ancient Byzantium and here, on a triangular piece of ground, inclosing on one side an excellent harbor, Constantine the Great laid the foundations of his new capital Constantinople.
Constantine united the Roman empire under his rule too. All of these are great accoplishments.



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