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How to use Prezi - Interface and workflow

barbara goldman

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Objections

Your gOAL today is SIMPLE
mEET NEW PHARMACISTS How much do you want? Talk to you later! Guess what? one of three pharmacists are going to change jobs this year I'm a pharmacist. There are thousands of me Hi, Work the
numbers Question: What company? Have you interviewed anywhere lately? I can tell you later. When should
I call you back? The company pays me to fill the job. I am only able to tell people
who are interested in interviewing. Why? Is there a hospital that you won't work at? When you call me I am
going to ask a question
about the job if I am interested. Since I'm lying to you, and playing hard to get,
I don't know what to ask Network You need to understand that I must
trust you, and need you as much as you need me. Now that you know
more about me Practice answering a question with a question. When a prospect asks? (anything)
Find out: Why are you asking?
His answer is important.
Answering his questions before you
understand your candidate is fruitless
The manner in which you answer my question means everything. It can mean that I am one of the ten pharmacists you are recruiting today, or you could lose my interest. Pharmacists know each other. They attend the same schools, conferences, and events. What do I ask? Your candidate will speak to the account manager as soon as you have determined his suitability for an interview. All questions about the job will be answered then. I'm not allowed to discuss this while you are at work. 1. 3. I talked to 20
recruiters today What are they paying? Is it City Hospital? I already know
about that job. What shift can I work part time? Since there are only a couple of questions that are
asked, make sure that you know the answers. You must be convincing, and not afraid to ask questions. 2. But if I am interested, I will ask you a question about the job.
I don't need an answer. The question wasn't that important, I didn't know what else to say. Never answer the question. If you don't know your candidate, whatever you answer might be wrong. Don't give me the wrong answer to my question. What is the name of the hospital? If you are serious about changing
jobs, I'll call you later and discuss it. I called you about one situation, but I have a few
I specialize in pharmacy. What are you looking for? Do you have your resume out anywhere? Pharmacists will go around you and apply on their own because they don't know any better. By divulging the name of the hospital too soon you are risking your placement How much are they
paying? It takes a lot to keep my life balanced I'm afraid because: I've never used a recruiter before I've heard recruiters charge money I already know all about the job, I'm not interested. The last recruiter I
worked with didn't do a thing for me. I can't talk at work! My boss is standing next to me Maybe I would be interested ... Where is it? Pharmacy Recruiting O Just because I ask
a question, doesn't mean
you must answer it. My question tells you something
about me. Listen to the
question, Do not assume anything I'm hard to get. I don't give
just any Tom, Dick, or Harry my number . . I'm guessing. Just want to see if I'm right.

I won't go to just any hospital.

I interviewed at St. Mary's last week, I wonder if it's St. Marys ME Just send me something Make enough networking
calls to meet 10 pharmacists
who would be interested in hearing about new opportunities Some of those pharmacists
will be LATER placements and will be on your list for future calls and mailings And at least one out of
the ten will be an interview. Never tell the candidate the name of the company. If he guesses correct, still don't tell. I lied. Ok, maybe they
were lies of ommission, but
you didn't ask. Could my old boss be hiring?
I should call her myself.
I have her home phone number. Recruiting is an information business
never give away your information. It all depends on your experience, do you have
a CV? How long have you been at ________ What Shift is it? I have a couple of things,
what shift do you want to

What shift
are you working now? Are you interviewing?
Do you have a resume?
Would you like me e-mail you
and let you know about things
in your area? What is your e-mail?I will send the info. When can we talk? How far do you want to drive?
How far do you drive now? Do they offer a sign on bonus? Are you under contract now?
Do you have a bonus to repay? Never answer the question We have many openings in each of our
markets. We have options. For example:

The candidate asks: Is this a day shift?

You answer: YES, it is days. The candidate will hang up
She wants to work nights.
Wrong answer. And all of your prospects seem trustworthy. You never know who will decide to bypass you. Be very careful.
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