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Producer Expectations

No description

Ayanna Paige

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Producer Expectations

expectations of future income expectation depends on the prices that they can charge for
your product. Sports Madness
a sports eguipment manufacturer
the price that a business may charge
tomorrow, can affect how much of their product they supply in the market today. Sports Madness expect to sell more basketballs during the basketball season. So prices for basketballs will increase They also expect for footballs to decrese during
the basketball season because it's basketball season. Apple Store
increase in ipods when they first came out.
So the producers made enough so they wouldn't run out. But once iphones came out, that was big.
Now you can have two in one. So the amount of ipods weren't
being produced as much because the number in sells decreased.
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